Black People : A Survey for Black Liberation.

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    Hello, everyone

    My name is Deltdrick C Adams; Social Media Manager for Black Wall Street International.

    A private membership club for non-immigrant, slave descendants and those people of color of the African Diaspora that will enable the creation of an independent black economy.

    Did you know 2013 marks 521 years of the economic exploitation of the western hemisphere in which the major portion of the current world economy was built by free labor provided by the grandparents of the Black Community. And with so many causes for which we could unite to solve the issues of crime, physical abuse, drugs, and social disparities. Isn't it time to address these effects by building a viable and independent economy that will produce an environment that will absolutely allow us to practice the eternal golden teaching? Love for your Brother, Love for your Sister, and Love for Yourself.

    And thats why Black Wall Street International was concepted, needing 1 Million Blacks to Join this private club is our call to turn constructively inward and begin pooling our resources intellectually and financially. In this way, we will be securing a future for ourselves and children, at the same time earning the respect of our families and the nations abroad. “ Buying Black” is the philosophy and direction of this movement, in addition to this concept we are organizing the Spiral Funding Program as a means of building economic institutions that will allow us to manufacture the products that will permit the idea of “Buying Black” to become a true Reality.

    So don’t sit around any longer, click on the link below and learn how to secure;

    -Exclusive College Scholarships
    -Exclusive Paid Internships
    -Funding for Your Business
    -Funding for Your Non Profit
    -And most importantly how you can help make buying black and economic equality a reality.

    After checking us out, would you mind click on the link and taking the survey
    [ ] , it really would help.

    And thanx in advance for your time and attention...

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    I think ill wait to they reach their target membership number before I sign up.