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May 7, 2009
A Brief Account & Timeline of the Middle Kingdom, 11th & 12th Dynasty
And Isaac sent away Jacob: and he went to Padan-aram​
unto Laban, son of Bethuel the Syrian, the brother of Rebekah,​
Jacob's and Esau's mother. GENESIS 28:5.​

And he wept aloud: and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh​
heard. And Joseph said unto his brethren, I am Joseph; doth my​
father yet live? And his brethren could not answer him; for they​
were troubled at his presence. And Joseph said unto his brethren,​
Come near to me, I pray you. And they came near. And he said,​
I am Joseph your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt.​
GENESIS 45: 2-4, 16.​

the Inyotef descendants of Mizraim [Tepy-aa, Yosef] in Thebes, South Egypt [Upper Egypt]


[11th dynasty, 22nd century BC, means 2100s BC] [Before Abram was born]
[Noah was alive] [Imhotep]

The 1st king of the 11th Dynasty Mentuhotep II


[reigned ca. 2046 BC – 1995 BC] [ruled during the lifetime of Abraham & before the birth of Jacob] [he’s probably the pharaoh who met Abraham in Rama/Goshen & took Sarai, He gave much wealth to Abram]

Mentuhotep III


[2010BC-1998BC] [his ruled ended around the time of Isaac’s birth]

Mentuhotep IV


[1998BC-1991BC] [dated during the time when Abraham lived in the land of Mizraim-Philistines~ Abimelech’s land] [not sure of the authenticity of this depiction]

The 12th Dynasty

Amenemhet[h] I [ie. Amenemes I]


[1991BC-1962BC] [before the birth of Jacob]

Sesostris I [ie. Senusret I]


[1971BC-1926BC] [during the time that Jacob was born]

Amenemhet[h] II [ie. Amenemhat II]


[1897BC-1828BC] [during the time that Joseph was born in Syria]

Sesostris III [ie. Sesostris-the-great, Senusret III]


[1878BC-1839BC] [during the time Joseph was forced into Captivity]

Expert records had already been made and Egyptian record keeping techniques in script and artwork had already been accomplished and well established by experts that had lived within the Egyptian civilization more than a thousand years prior to the rise of the Middle Kingdom Period. Therefore, it should be accepted that history had to have been extremely well documented, detailed, and accurately framed within a traceable time period by these ancient scholars. So if father Israel’s son, Joseph was recorded in the Bible to have been forced into Egyptian captivity, enslaved, then held for life as a prisoner, and then suddenly delivered out of prison by a pharaoh, there should have been some kind of Egyptian recordings that should either prove or disprove this part of the Bible. More importantly, the Bible further details that the pharaoh was so vindicated because he felt that Joseph had completely confirmed his vision by an interpretation of a famine that he completely elevated Joseph from being a prisoner to being the greatest of the viziers of that epoch! Moreover and as time moved forward, the Bible reveals that Joseph’s interpretation of this pharaoh’s vision actually came to past! So if there was indeed a great famine that affected, not only Egypt, but other lands in the Old World for a specific and proven time period, and if Egypt became wealthy as a result of Joseph’s further council, then it should be assumed that that particular pharaoh became very famous during this time period. Not only that but it should also be assumed that by Joseph’s vision now being completely confirmed, Joseph would have been highly respected and regarded as a spiritual guide and furthermore, Joseph would have been completely exonerated of the crime that he was accused of that had earlier landed him with a life’s sentence in prison. As a matter of fact, ancient records reveal that Joseph not only became regarded as ‘a god’ in some respects but also, at times, Joseph became an acting pharaoh himself! So if the Egyptians were world renowned for their process of well preserved record keepings, then where are these records and artworks of Joseph!?

So make no mistake about this; there has been no problem with the ancient Egyptian historical records in the form of script or artwork, but there must be a definite problem with today’s interpretations or with today’s scholars of whom it seems have made deliberate actions to malign and completely and utterly distort history. A major work of covering up of truth has happened. But, because it becomes clear that ancient records have been made with so much attention to detail in both the Bible, Egyptian recordings, and more, it would take a lot of underhanded work and collaborations on high levels in order to pull off the kind of deception that could cause major historical events to become hidden and discounted and yet, research does show that this kind of treachery did occur. Major efforts have been made to hide truth in order to discount not only Biblical records but for so many other reasons, however, all of the motives to hide and twist truth on so many levels revolve around one central purpose and that would be to sustain White Supremacy. Colorism and Color Supremacy have plagued this planet for so many thousands of years but we are at the threshold of the end of the Apocalypse prophecy and therefore, many truths seem to surface everyday. Had I not stumbled across major revelations about what occurred during the time of the 18th Dynasty and realized how major truths had been distorted to cover up the Asiatic presence and White Supremacy in ancient Egypt, I do not know if I would have been ready to fully receive other revelations. Not only have Black scholars such as the late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and the late Dr. Asa Hilliard made statements about modern day scholars acts of treachery to further White Supremacy but many others have made statements on this wise as well. Because I was made to accept the notion that the blame for the downfall of the 18th Dynasty solely rested upon the shoulders of the pharaoh Akhenaten, I was initially and completely blinded to the truth about Nefertiti and other powerful forces that operated behind him to control the government. However these kind of revelations caused me to look back over other bits of history as well and thus, I have stumbled across a statue made of Joseph!

Among many of Nefetiti’s acts done such as, giving birth to her sixth daughter from Akhenaten at the same time that her second born daughter at the tender age of twelve also gave birth to Akhenaten’s child, I was surprised to finally understand the purpose of the depictions of this Asiatic-typed woman who was posed as ‘the pharaoh of Egypt’ at times and then as the head over the newly indoctrinated religion in Egypt as well. I recognized that the installation of this foreign religion in Egypt was blamed upon Akhenaten who became the face for the religion that was in fact headed up by Nefertiti. But upon realization that her second born daughter died in childbirth just after giving birth to yet another daughter for Akhenaten and after the realization of the true origin of the young King Tut who was also born around this time from a sister of Akhenaten, I began to recognize that there has been a deliberate misinterpretation of Egyptian script by the scholars of today in order to hide the complete truth about the matrilineal domination that had occurred in order to deceptively set up White Supremacy in Egypt at the time of the 18th Dynasty. I came to understand that there had been a vicious competition that had occurred between Nefertiti, Queen Tiy, and other royal women during these times with the aim of giving birth to a male son from Akenaten, and this struggle and its awful outcome further substantiates the true purpose of this foreign religion and Akhenaten’s connection to this matrilineal system that was being set up in ancient Egypt. The truth has been kept hidden byway of scholars today of whom have hidden its demise behind the face of Akhenaten and ironically connects to the very definition of the religion and in turn, its connection with a very ancient mystery that also revolves around the hidden theme of the Sphinx. The presence of a male heir with both western and eastern blood was vital to this religion being accepted by the masses of original people but behind this face, however, the government was ruled by the embodiment of an eastern-typed woman who was defined as being equivalent to ‘the sun of the world’.

So Nefertiti’s quest to continue to rule Egypt and the world through ‘a Black-White’ son, even if it came through the sacrifice of her daughter failed and research reveals that after the abrupt death of her twelve year old daughter who died in childbirth, Nefertiti disappeared from script and a dark cloud began to hang over that government shortly therafter. But after Akhenaten was pawned and used in order to throw down the ancient cultures and religions of the original people in Egypt, other later actions show how efforts were still being made to operate and maintain this new foreign government behind the Boy King Tut of whom also became pawned. This kind of hidden truths about ancient Egypt and also the roles of by the ‘Black’ original Egyptians who supported the elevation of Ashteroth in their lands have added to so much confusion to the African world then and now. Also modern day White Bible scholars have deliberately debauched the truth from the Bible and covered up the major and significant stress that the Nebiim prophets have made with respects to the distinct presence of the Assyrians versus the Syrians who became apart of ancient Egypt so long ago and this evil deception only defines the true works of the Anti-Christ. For father Jacob’s son, Joseph, was truly regarded as a Syrian ‘Boy’! He was initially held captive by the Egyptians within their system because he was ‘a Syrian Boy’ and this kind of hidden exploitation of the Syrian people and the later Israelites that surrounds the very origins and experiences of Joseph in ancient Egypt has caused so many other major atrocities to have happened to so many other little Black ‘boys’ born from the womb of a Black African-typed woman. How many times in the past and present where the system of White Supremacy has been able to set up that many Black African-typed ‘Boys’ have become vulnerable, further separated from their own lands and people, and suppressed down and victimized, exploited and, completely compromised by strange spirits whom only seek to prey upon them specifically because of their manhood!? There are major reasons why the true account of Joseph in Egypt and the Bible has been viciously distorted and covered up.

Not only have the accounts of Joseph in Egypt been covered up by modern day scholars but, they have went to great measures to pull the job off because they had to get around the extensive and detailed records made byway of the Egyptian scholars about Joseph due to the Egyptian system of titles and record keeping in this regards. Even though the Bible stated one Egyptian name given to Joseph, he would have also been identified by other titles bestowed upon him too. Because Joseph was so highly elevated, by tradition, it becomes obvious that Joseph would have had many other distinct titles and names added to his credit, and he would have been identified in script by these name titles. In fact, the Bible does confirm other titles as well that completely match the Egyptian records of Joseph. So instead of making this interpretation known, modern day scholars have instead done certain amazing feats such as taking various names of Joseph and assigning these names to ‘other vaguely attested rulers’ during the Second Intermediate Period of Egypt! Instead of the true interpretation of Joseph and his subsequent titled names during different times when he actually assumed the rule over Egypt as the acting pharaoh, deceitful acts were made by misdating these times of rule and scripting it as being complete new vague times of dynastic rules that came long after the actual lifetime of Joseph and scripted ‘the ruler(s)’ as being an enemy of the very Egyptian system that Joseph fully supported. Instead of a correct script transliteration of the names given to Joseph, they have completely made outright lies and defined Joseph’s name as being ‘Asiatic names’ (non-Western Semitic names) that belonged to well documented Hyksos invaders that set up the 15th Dynasty and had been well recorded for a violent overthrow of not only the Egyptians, but Joseph’s people who were situated in the north of Egypt. In fact, four of Joseph’s grandsons were jumped and murdered during this time of violence. There has also been no clarifications made by Bible scholars today to help Black Americans recognize the Egyptian translated script that obviously match Joseph’s presence in Egypt as being an Hebrew [Heber].

Instead of the correct translation of Joseph being a Syrian, these modern day scholars have capitalized upon the problems that did occur in the past amongst the original Egyptians and have added further confusion to the truth. Joseph was a Syrian ‘Boy’ that became a Syrian who ruled Egypt as a pharaoh on a number of occasions! Blatant lies have been made to define Joseph as being Asiatic and letters have been added to the records in transliteration to completely distort the true definition of Joseph’s name titles given to him by the pharaohs of Egypt that would have at least identified him and connected him to his ancestral ties and to Syria. As pharaoh too, Joseph would have had to have certain specific seals made [minted] especially identifying him in the specific office and title as pharaoh during those particular years in order to maintain the system in the form of dated record keeping himself. Where are these seals of Joseph as the vizier and then as the pharaoh of Egypt that would have been kept in some type of library when past pharaohs, viziers, and high officials that conducted business in Egypt had died!? Joseph outlived a number of pharaohs of the 12th Dynasty and therefore the actual pharaoh that delivered Joseph out of prison would have, by tradition, continued his dynastic line through his own offspring. Joseph was not married within that dynastic line and all records confirm this truth, yet all of this was kept out of modern day interpretations and the vague interpretations given to this time period have falsely painted Joseph as being ‘a usurper’ who started his own dynastic line and of whom contributed to the overthrow of the 12th Dynasty. But like the statue made of him reveals, Joseph was not given the right to rule Egypt by inheritance but he was ‘an acting pharaoh’ and was highly rewarded in this capacity for his proven counsel and devotion to these pharaohs. At one point, Joseph became an acting pharaoh who was also the advisor to a young pharaoh of inheritance until he became of age. Joseph’s titles given to him at that particular time, ‘A father to the Pharaoh’ and ‘Ruler over Egypt’ was specific and even the Bible confirms this truth!

Like the Egyptian images made of ‘the pharaoh Joseph’ should reveal, he was an ethnic descendant of Shem, a Western Semitic-typed man, a Brown man, he had thick African-typed hair under his Egyptian headdress, and he was connected to the age old idols of Bronze ‘gods’ who were considered ‘conquered’ and subjected to the more supreme gods. These detailed and well recorded truths about the Egyptian system of idol worship and their beliefs about human sacrifice in the form of bond servitude in connection to the plight of Joseph would have added to a better understanding as to why some of the greatest pharaohs of Egypts’ actual names were not able to be recorded in the Bible. Nevertheless, Joseph had a trusted and close bond with one of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt because the man delivered him out of a life’s sentence in an Egyptian prison. But even though Joseph was able to be reunited with his own father, because of the Egyptian belief in continual forced bond servitude based upon ones birth, Joseph’s entire life in Egypt was that of a captive. Although Joseph could have his father buried in another land, on the other hand, he had to die in Egypt as an Egyptian and that was not a choice that he could make even if he wanted to choose otherwise. What a miserable lot! Many people don’t know what true captivity means and cannot understand how a spirit can been broken and un-repaired even in a land where all around there may be offered many luxuries. Joseph came into Egypt as a captive and belonged to Egypt no matter what he truly desired. His children had to look upon him as being comparable to a modern day ‘freed’ slave even though he was a pharaoh. As a young ‘boy’ his spirit was broken to the point that he could not even go back home no matter how he longed to be where he had been with his father. He lived a life of vulnerability where his freedom depended upon others and he was compromised. He was thrown into prison to serve a life’s sentence and lived for about thirteen years in this mode. All of this kind of history has been covered up, yet the Egyptian records do confirm Joseph’s life with much accuracy.

Great measures have been undertaken to translate ancient script and preserve history, no matter how much the information has been kept secret. But there happens to be a funny truth about the attempt to hide historical records and erase history. Sooner or later, the same kind of perpetrators in tune to these secretive operations of deceit will eventually have to try and cover up the cover up by other unconventional methods in order to maintain that same type of control and White Supremacy. Clever methods have been used to unveil well kept secrets and make it appear that they are simply new findings. For example we are suppose to accept without question that the actual identity of the mother of King Tut has been a ‘new finding’ based upon only DNA techniques offered today, and that there was no ancient script that stated this fact? It seems odd that the head queen over Egypt of the 18th Dynasty just disappears from the Egyptian records completely right after she gives birth to her sixth daughter!? So we are suppose to believe that there was no script made as to the whereabouts of Nefertiti who supposedly abruptly disappeared from the new Egyptian Capitol built up in her honor!? We are suppose to accept without question that the death of the foreign woman elevated as queen in Egypt, Mitemwiya, carries the same mystery that Nefertiti’s death carries too? We are suppose to believe that there has been no record that clarified whether or not Akhenaten’s next co-regent was or was not Nefertiti!? We are suppose to accept that Akhenaten’s firstborn daughter married a ghost!?

There are too many gaps in modern day interpretations about the great Egyptian civilizations renown for its detailed methods of record keepings. How can ‘a now admitted’ gap in history of about 100+ years be stated and justified as a mere honest mistake made byway of scholars today? Nevertheless, these are a few of the statements that have been made about some ‘new findings’ in Egypt in regards to some particular events. These kinds of misinterpretations caused me to go back and re-look at what was written about the 12th Dynasty as it pertained to the past history about Joseph that I had already pinpointed. Suddenly the images of Joseph and other archeological facts that had to have been made by ancient Egyptian experts and that have been always presented under so many false rhetoric have finally become realized. The accurate and scientific advent of the Star of Bethlehem has become the ultimate time corrector and therefore, the Biblical timelines in correlation to the ancient Egyptian history has become an incredible fascination whereby true history can be revived and confirmed, and provide hope for a better future for a new kind of existence for Black African-typed people and others who want to be free from so much evil exploitation of Color Supremacy and White Supremacy. Through the truth, there can be hope of being able to live in a world free from the threat of being so thoroughly exploited because of being a Black African or because of being a Christian and persecuted for standing on the truth about how Colorism has permeated the world and acted against the goodwill of mankind and God our Creator. I am grateful that Jacob, father Israel, listened to the instruction of his father and went to Syria and married a Syrian girl named Rachel, and stood strong with the Creator God for all of his sons. Cont.
JOSEPH~ The Son of Israel
Titles: Father to the Pharaoh
Ruler Over Egypt
Revealer of Secrets [Zaphnath Paaneah]
[17] He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant:​
[18] Whose feet they hurt with fetters: he was laid in iron:​
[19] Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him.​
[20] The king sent and loosed him; even the ruler of the people, and let him go free.​
[21] He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance:​
[22] To bind his princes at his pleasure; and teach his senators wisdom.​
[23] Israel also came into Egypt; and Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.​
PSALMS 105: 17-23.​

This ar ticle re veals who Manetho’s “Tutimaos” was and that the 13th
Dynasty was par allel to the 12th -- not suc cessive as most his tories insist.
This new un derstanding re solves the anomalies of Mid dle Kingdom
dat ing and proves that the Egyp tian king-list at Abydos and the
Tablet of Karnak were cor rect af ter all!

And he wept aloud: and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh heard. And Joseph said unto his brethren, I am Joseph; doth my father yet live? And his brethren could not answer him; for they were troubled at his presence. And Joseph said unto his brethren, Come near to me, I pray you. And they came near. And he said, I am Joseph your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt.​

So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God: and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt. Haste ye, and go up to my father, and say unto him, Thus saith thy son Joseph, God hath made me lord of all Egypt: come down unto me, tarry not:​

And the fame thereof was heard in Pharaoh's house, saying, Joseph's brethren are come: and it pleased Pharaoh well, and his servants. GENESIS 45: 2-4, 8-9, 16.​
Second Intermediate Period
…unanimous on the point. The
Abydos list jumps straight from Ammenemes IV
[*Dyn 13] to the first king of Dyn.XVIII. [*Dyn 18] The date of Amosis I, the founder of Dyn. XVIII, [Dyn 18] being fixed with some accuracy, the interval from 1786 to 1575 BC must be accepted as the duration of the Second Intermediate Period….
…The problem is typical of the difficulties presented by this period.…we might have the strange phenomenon ofa single vizier holding office during the reigns of five ephemeral and possibly hostile monarchs…. The pyramid above mentioned and the fact that the vizier's son who assisted Amenysonb in his Abydos operations fared northwards when the work was finished certainly lend color to this hypothesis.
*Note: clarification added

The Middle Kingdom is the first major period in Egyptian history where slavery was well known. In the 1950s AD, the American Egyptologist William C. Hayes published a famous papyrus document from the Middle Kingdom which had a list of slaves on one side and a discussion of Egyptian prisons on the other (Hayes 1972)….

The New Egyptian Chronology
It is important to understand that the Biblical chronology does not put the Exodus at 1300 BC, but rather some 150 years before that, around 1450 BC.


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