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May 28, 2005
Manasa: Oh Swami! The family members have become real devotees of the Lord

Then the service to a devotee is as good as serving the Lord

Why don’t you sanction the distinction to this also instead of second class?

I am also a student like my elder sister Priyanka. Please understand our problem.

Swami: You are correct if all the family members are really converted into real devotees.

Certainly service to them is commendable from the angle of those devotees.

But from the angle of the person who serves those devotees, the concept changes,

The question is whether the father or mother is serving his or her children

Really as devotees or as children under the mask of the devotees.

From the angle of the children, they fully deserve the service from the parents.

I am not criticising the children if they are really converted into devotees

But I am criticising the angle of the parents in which they serve.

They will be tested by Lord Datta about their angle that is claimed.

The test is if an outsider who is not related by blood comes to your house,

The outsider is equally devoted to the Lord like your children-devotees.

Now will the parents serve that outsider-devotee also in the same way?

If the parents can pass this test, distinction shall be granted to them also,

Even if they are serving their own children staying in their house.

In fact, if any one serves a real devotee, the Lord is more pleased

And therefore the parents shall be given a super distinction.

Nobody in this creation can escape the shrewd analysis of Lord Datta.

The divine enquiry is always done with perfect truth and justice.

No distortion or misinterpretation of the constitution can take place,

Since no advocates are employed here, the omniscient Lord Himself analyses

The entire case in all angles in a fraction of a second, no worry of injustice.

Jesus told that He came with the sword which means the sharp analysis.

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