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    A soul cannot become God

    God has given this power of creation to His best devotee called as Hanuman. This shows His willingness to give away this responsibility. But if we analyze, Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva and Shiva is another name of God (Shivascha Narayanah –Veda). Therefore, God Himself in the form of a soul only could take up this responsibility. Radha is said to be the incarnation of His power of happiness called as “Hladini Kala”. The creation is a form of His power. The soul is a part and parcel of the creation. Therefore, Radha is really a soul. But, Radha (the soul) is made as the queen of Goloka, which is above His abode (Brahmaloka). Hanuman could enter Brahmaloka only.

    It is logical because Hanuman being God can enter only God’s abode. The final conclusion of all this is that a soul can be given higher position than God but the soul cannot become God especially in involving in the impossible responsibility of creation of Universe. You can get the power of creating matter and awareness from the already existing primary energy. The position of a soul is exactly the position of the wife and the position of God is exactly the position of the husband. The husband can give the salary to His wife which is the fruit of His work. The husband can keep the wife on His head and act as her servant. But, the wife cannot do the work of the husband. When the wife can get all the fruit of the work into her hand and can make her husband as her servant, is she not foolish to be adamant of doing his work which is impossible to her?

    The Veda says that even the male human beings in this world are women and wives of God only (Striyah Satih pumsa ahuh). This means all the souls irrespective of the gender, which is a characteristic of the external gross body only can attain the master position over God but cannot become God. It is foolishness to aspire to become God due to the impossible responsibility, when the higher position than God is made available.

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