Black Poetry : A SNAKE SHE IS


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Jun 27, 2003

On the sea shore i lay;
Watching the waves play;
As they hit the walls of the cliff;
And swing back to the sandy beach;

Ooh, a perfect reply, i thought;
As the ripple gave a to-n-fro;
The concrete walls of my mind it hit;
Now the gentle breeze sweeps across me;

And like an opium it sleepens me;
As though in adream i see her;
Oooh,like a moon walker she glides;
And as a magician she whinds her waist;

Cuz more toys she needs;
OOh more toys to plays with;
Away she flies cuz a worthless toy i am;
cuz she got another, yes another play thing;

But yesterday sweet melodies she sang;
The melodies of flatter and death;
Now tha iam broke;
Away she flies like a butterfly;

For the bills i can't pay nomore;
OOOh for flashy cars i got none;
But for my good friend of all times;
Like a christmas gift;

She got him in her arms;
And those melodies again she sings;
But snake girl she is;
For fresh blood and nutrients she sucks;

And lives you dying with the toxic vernom;
But my friend,little does he now;
Yes before dawn the willhe know;
Then my choir will he join;

So that togther we can shear;
To sing the sad melody of dispair;
A snake girl i my life;
My story aloneit was;

And now our story it is;
Tomorrow it may be yours;
watcout friends.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
i know her so well
she been in my yard too...
flow on i feel ya


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2003
It takes all people to make a world, hopefully you'll sidestep this kind the next time around. Liked the way you posed this.

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