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Apr 19, 2004
(I feel inspired to pimp this pen)

My mind is diluted by images on screen
I feel worthless,'cause I don't abide
Show me love from a place peaceful and serene
Then I'll stop counting tears I have cried

I'm supposed to be oneway, or this way or that
I'm a black woman needing acceptance
I'm not thin, wearing weave(with a Trick up my sleeve)
I don't need your approval for rejection

Who will appreciate me for knowing the truth?
For listening and trying to reach out to our youth
For not shaking my *** at every person I see
For not perming my hair and just wearing it nappy
For not getting fake nails, fake breast or fake smile
For pretending to be grown, deep inside still a child

I'm not an angry woman, well not all the time
I'm just pimping' this pen and freeing my mind....

(droppin' the mic)
This is ah'ight

I like this piece. Kinda slick and tight.


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