Chief Elder Osiris : A Show Down In America? (Revolution)

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    A Show Down In America? (Revolution)

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Things that I am given the Mental ability to see and is intuitively allowed to discern, the picture is not that pretty in, of, about America, if America is continued to go in the direction that Obama is being directed to force Americans to go, so believe some white people.

    This has nothing to do with what I agree or disagree with, it is about what is happening in America economically and politically.

    I choose neither side, be it the Far Left or the Far Right, the Center or the Moderates, the progressives or the Tea Party, the Republican or Democrat.

    I remain aloof, high and beyond Lucifer Politics, I just keep an observing Eye on what quality Americans Spirit is revealing, an America being made to choose sides concerning what type of an America System is America going to have that will govern the American people.

    Anybody with a Mind under your control, can feel and see the storm clouds rising and coming inside of America, the America I am sharing about is White America, the only America that has ever been and ever will be, that is if you are one who can face the reality of America present status in the Mind of the American People, and I am talking about the original Americans, those that gave this area of the planet its name of location after stealing the Land now known as America.

    America is a internal Divided Nation of White People, I share about White People when sharing about America, because in America, White people are all that count and Matters.

    So what you have among White people, there are some white people who desire to have America to Fall into a Socialist Communist System of Governing, to be dissolved from being what it was originally was intended to be, a country for and of and about White people.

    Now America, a system where all of the power over the people rest in the small nucleolus of a Socialist Communist Government filthy Wealthy White people, the Luciferian of the World that is in struggle for America and for the world, depend on which fashion you are a party to, and you have some White people who are patriotic to the vision and ideals of George Washington and Madison, and all of the White founding Fathers that formed a constitutional America to become the America of White citizens in the Northern location Hemisphere on this planet Earth.

    So now that White America is drifting apart according to ideals and philosophy concerning America and other White people of the World, and because in a White Dominated White World and the Domination is based not on Numbers but on who control the wealth of the world and there is a difference in ideals and philosophy about how the world should be Governed.

    With such differences, you have the making for Chaos in America and could spread throughout the World Governments that are on this planet.

    When there is an element of a people who is dead set on having Freedom and Freedom has been enjoyed by such a people and in this case the people are White people in America, and in certain other part of the world, and such freedom is being threaten to be taken away from those Freedom loving people, then know that such a freedom loving white people will not relinquish their freedom without a fight.

    So such is why I am warning you Black People of a Making and a coming of a possible Revolution to take place in America, that is if something is not done to revert such a happening to take place, which could have a world White Freedom loving White people domino solution effect.

    White people, a people when in disagreement with something or with each other, you will find them organizing and planning, forming secrete groups and paramilitary Militias, such be serving to reveal the seriousness of White people disagreement with each other group action, one group demanding Constitution adherence while other Groups Spawning constitution Disobedience, the making of a White American Revolution.

    So I turn to the childish Minded Black so call Afrikans in the World, we who are totally Blind to what our responsibility is in the world today, as was yesterday and the day before and that is to do what ever is necessary to reclaim the Black Divine mind, because without it, America and the world as we live in it, is Doomed.

    There is all sorts of Revolutionary acts and they can take on a character of their own, some can be physical, some can be ideological and some can be Mentally spiritual, the Revolution that must take place among Black so call Afrikans, that is if we are to ever again experience our Freedom, Independence, Sovereignty with Justice in our Black Life Time, has to be a Revolution of Black people taking back control of our Mind.

    The youth of this Time is nut reachable while with the Mind they have been burden down with, and in no way is it that a Mind that is Divine in its Thinking is to be made to believe, not Think, that the problem when at odds with the Mind of the Youth today, it is the Mind that is Divinely Wise that has a problem, simply because the Mind of the Youth has been attacked with a cause to believe in Lies and acts of deception and when such an act of Spirit is not showing such character to our Youth, the youth is persuaded to believe that the Flaw is with the Wise and not with the misinformed and miseducated Black Youth.

    So what we do, we attempt to lay Blame at where the Divine Truth is coming from, as if to suggest that there must be a Dumbing Down of a Wise Mind in order to win favor from a Youthful Black generation, a generation that has been told that there is nothing wrong with copying the Cultrual Spirit of their oppressors, and they now that tell our Black youth such untruth, they are not only to come being only white, but Black as well.

    Such a state of mind of our Black Youth in America is killing our Black youth, in an America that is on the verge of entering into a Revolution, a revolution that will not be of benefit to Black people in America, necause in America, the Black Life condition, Young and Matured, will not change, because for such a constructive change to take place that will benefit the Lives of Black people across the Age spectrum, is a Revolution that must take place by Black so call Afrikan people, and such a Black Revolution, if our Goal is Freedom, Independence, Sovereign of the Black Life, with Justice, then it must be a revolution that is Mental as well as physical, in and out of Afrika among black people and the cause must be with a goal of Freeing Afrika and Uniting the Black Nation in Afrika.

    You Can Take This Or Leave It Alone.

    Such is Freedom Requirement of Black so call Afrikan People.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]