Black Poetry : A Secret

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
a secret, such a very precious thing
showing someone felt they could bring
what they held close and dear to their heart
you made them feel safe so they could impart
what surely they thought they'd take to their grave
glad they had you so they'd not feel enslaved
by the weight of the secret they held deep within
nothing more wonderful than to have such a friend
not everyone is able to hold tight a good secret
didn't mean to tell, they just couldn't keep it
it burned and it gnawed at their very core
convincing themselves telling it meant more
than the confidence given when the secret was shared
just couldn't keep the secret inside their head
this is a person i'd be afraid to call friend
a friend keeps a secret way past the end
taking it with them to their grave no doubt
and doing it with ease, the secret never comes out
nothing more wonderful than to have such a friend
where trust is the foundation and secrets ascend


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