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    By Andre Austin

    Figuring out that the New Testament can be read intertextually helped me come up with a formula to ID people and their attributes. The formula is discovering two bible passages that are similar and knowing a background in mythology.

    X=unknown until another bible passage tips you off with a clue. I will give you two examples of Paul (Thoth/Hermes) as the Black Horse and Lukewarm as Luke/Tefnut.

    1. X =the 3rd Black Horse and the 4th horse Mercury/famine

    The Black horse is Saturn and has scales for measuring food Rev chapter 6.

    The only other time scales and food are mentioned together in the NT refers to scales on Paul’s eyes and desire to eat food (Acts 9:1-19)

    Paul is equated with the Greek god Hermes called Mercury in Rome (Acts 14:12).

    In Egypt Thoth/Hermes wrote the names of souls in the Book of Life from the scales of Maat. Also the eye of Thoth were symbols of fractions/divisions of the eye were called Hekat was used in measuring grain.

    A. Paul knows that Clement is in the book of life (Philippians 4:3).

    B. Rev 6 talks of the black horse with scales in hand and “A measure of wheat for a penny”.

    C. Hekat was used as the eye fraction for dry volume measurements. On a side note the Greeks copied the Egyptian measurement system as stated by heron of Alexandria who designed water clocks, water turbines and water pumps in Egypt.

    D. The eye was also symbolic of healing which was combined with the math fractional system as we see: “When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of Light” (Luke 11:34).

    E. Apparently the eyes of Paul were no good. They were being lampooned in the apocrypha literature as “Hollowed-eyed” (Paul And Thecla 1:7).

    F. The Letter of Jude is an attack upon Paul for being an ignorant stubborn donkey/mule for disputing about the body of laws of Moses and being wolf like (Tribe of Benjamin) in dividing up food only among themselves.

    G. In the end Paul is beheaded as symbolized as a sharp sickle going all the way up to the horses bridle (Rev 14:20).

    2. X=unkown Lukewarm. Lukewarm is mentioned in third chapter of Revelations. The Lukewarm church of Laodicea were accused in part of being spiritual Blind in spite of the fact that they were rich from a medical school being famous for eye care and selling a highly sought after salve ointment for the eyes.

    A. The only other time Luke is mentioned with Laodicea is in Colossians 4:14-14) where he’s called a “Physician”. Speculation is that Luke is a eye-doctor because he states he writes down what eyewitness see (Luke 1:1-3). That’s a clue but its not strong enough yet.

    B. Luke can be a pun for Look. Luke in Greek is Loukas a pun for Leukomas. The front part of Leuk refers to white colorless matter when the eyes are obscure. The first gods to deal with the eye-care of Atum-Ra is Shu and Tefnut. Tefnut places her white clouds over the eyes of Ra for a period of time obscuring his view. Because Lukewarm is spit out the same way Tefnut was born. The very root word of Tefnut’s name means spit. The only other time spit and vision are talked about together is of Jesus (Joshua /Shu) who spits in a blind man’s eyes to cure him.

    C. The front part of Leukomas in the Oxford dictionary reports “to look” and Leuke is League, Luke and Lion. Note Shu and Tefnut were pictured with lion’s heads. Tefnut was also called: That water, Heat of Heaven, Maat (Justice). The book of Amos comes under Egyptian influence when it associates the lord with a Lion with justice roll like a river of righteousness (Amos 3:7-8 & Amos 5:24).

    D. Lukewarm is the balance between Hot & cold negative passions. A physician heals so Lukewarm would be good eyesight free from the flames of a Temper of not swallowing up one’s own heart in death but being spit out (life/health). The Greeks and Egyptians considered Health as a balance between the Hot and Cold and so did spiritual/physical eyesight. When the Egyptians wanted to be healed they desired to “see god”. It will take time to convince Christendom that Lukewarm isn’t about drinking water but a condition of the eyes which is a window to the soul. How much more information must I spill out and for how long before the truth is accepted that Lukewarm is the temperature of justice?

    E. The tree of life and the tree of right and wrong are Shu (Life) and Tefnut (right & wrong) called Maat/justice in Egyptian. Once Adam and Eve ate of Tefnut their eyes were opened. In the Egyptian heaven eating off of Shu and Tefnut was required to maintain eternal life something the Jews rebelled against being in righteousness.