Black People : A sac-religious thesis...

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    What any of the many religious slaves (to mind) may never life-actually know until death spiritually parts them is that mere thought(s) is not the ever-presence in God at all. As they ALL truly worship nothing else, which is the entire realm within itself that' s purposely divided by (m)any conflicting egotistical imbalanced preachings and anti-nature through very "nature" by the few theological heads resulting one's reality into a "living" contradiction that loops and leads nowhere into the passing generations who are in fact naively induced by the same ricocheting viral idiocy... My (two sentence) thesis: As the greatest thesis' are from those who defy "the reality" of a boxed "mind". And the conclusion is, what a sick joke that isn't at all funny but soul threatening and therefore mind contaminating... HIS-story is a "doctrine" all unto itself. Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.