Black Poetry : A Rose for The Queens of Destee - Part 1 (Happy Valentine's Day)


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I was dreaming the other night
The moon was hovering over the Lighthouse
And I heard voices
I opened my eyes
And behold the Queens of Destee
Where in my midst
So what did I do?
What I do best

A rose for each queen
That accepted my invitation
I begin to flow in the vibes
That emanated from the wondrous works
Of heaven

Aminata a rose for thee
For you are as delicate as
A leaf blowing in a gentle breeze
I handle you with care for you are such a
Precious gift.

Whose flow is as smooth
As the silky and creamy liquid
Which is your name
You are a soft-spoken queen who has
The intensity of a passionate inferno
I bow in your presence

Woman of Virtue
Who exudes sensuality through your flow
I’m blinded by the light of your beauty
And exquisite grace that gives revelation knowledge
To all that you are in fact a Diva
This rose is for you

I give this rose to you
For you have an exotic charm
That enchants the hearts of men the world over
We desire to have you, but your heart
Will only be given to him who is destined to kiss your soul

The Sunshyne of my Midnights
You have opened up the world
To a level of passion that can barley be contained
Your subtle seduction has enthralled many a suitor
I give unto thee this rose

Frequent visitor
One who parallels my flow in so many ways
Truly worthy to be called a queen
I give you this rose
For inspiring me with new ways
Of exciting the souls of Lovers.


A name that transports me to a distant land
One, which strikes up the desire to see the potentiality
Of a certain soul tie
You have ignited a passion that can’t be quenched in the hearts of those who reads
Receive ye this rose

You excite even the Bishop
In ways you can never know
Not many have been able to do this
This rose be for you
For you have been the passionflower
Of many of my dreams

MsLucious B
This rose is given thee
For you have a way
Of raw and unfettered passion and love
That is much needed
A man that touches your soul
Shall indeed be blessed in many ways

Sista Steele
You have come in claimed the hearts
Of the brethren as your own
Your flow has captured interests
In a way the likes have never known
Please take this rose.

You have a way of directing your flow
Creating visions of what might be
In another time and place
Invoking thoughts and desires of pure sensuality
I give thee this rose

You have entered into the fam
With the art of seduction mastered
I am intrigued by you very much so
This rose be for you
Keep it next to your heart

Whose flow is often indescribable
You have invoked Xtasy
In the heart
Of the Bishop
Yet this Xtasy has been cloaked
In the garment
Subliminal seduction
The Beacon of the Lighthouse
Has been shining your way for some time
This rose is for you

I am honored to have these beautiful and exotic and dare I say
Erotic queens in such close companionship with me
They are the perfection of Love itself
Love in its ultimate form
And I pray that they will continue
To allow me to romance them
In the fashion of true Love

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies


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