Black Poetry : a river flows within me...


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
There is a river that flows within me
Let’s call it POETRY

When I’m lost in thought
…deeply meditating upon my (invisible) flaws
or overcome by sensations of jubilation…caused
by rolling waves of “off the top” creation
I feel the river pulsing
Forcing its way out of me

In written expressions…called

When I’m excited
Desperate to highlight my day
In “smooth motion” exclamations of scintillating word play
About the exactness
Of the blue blackness
Coursing through ebony hued veins

Its spillage writing the name

That’s the river that flows within me
Lapping at my soul
Thrusting creativity upon me
Regurgitating…“Make believe” and “fantasy”
As sunset’s evening breeze wash over me

The river flows…like white water
On days like today
When sunshine’s summer sun
Makes me wanna say
“I love you”
In heavenly scents of brutal truths
That fills the “river of the knowledge
Of poetic blues”
Known as
“The Flow”
Building in intensity as it goes
Bursting forth in
“Orgasmic Bliss”
To kiss the cerebral cortex
With the complexity of its (rush)

This river is dying for release
Its banks…overflowing with
Enuff to fill the world with
“Smiles of Joy”

There is a river…that…flows…within me

There is a river…that…is me.



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