Black Poetry : A Revolution Classic: STAND (2000)

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    Poet All Day, Everyday
    Detroit, MI
    Seem like the dusk never come
    While I'm bendin' over in these fields
    Of amber waves of grain...
    Or is that a stain
    On the collective conscious of my country
    That asks not what tha fucc it can do for you or me
    But screws us socially and psychologically
    I'm sweatin under these hot rays
    Of condemnation
    Reapin a legacy of spiritual castration
    Cause I was cut off at the root of my origin
    And to desire an identity was a sin
    Step 1 in the psychological deconstruction
    Through corrupt instruction
    On how to dehumanize
    Those you considered with lesser lives
    Mere tools in your evil contrivance
    To institute master hood through bloodshed and violence
    Even authored a Constitution
    To protect your evil institution
    Gilded ******** about "We hold these truths to be self evident that ALL men are created equal with inalienable rights...
    Only if you White
    You should choke on your own contradictions of equality
    Cause the Great Compromise only counted us a 3/5 human during slavery
    Great statesman penning all those lies
    While Thomas Jefferson was begetting mulatto bastards between Sally's thighs
    Now you had the audacity to deem my people savage
    When murder was a plantation pass time on the average
    You had the gall to validify your acts of treachery
    Through your perversion of Christianity
    With that old time religion
    You made the incision
    Into the psyche of the African
    That God was a White man
    Piped that ******** about the curse of Ham
    But behold out of black blood came Christ The Precious Lamb
    Ethiopia was the earliest country
    To introduce true Christianity
    While your doctored doctrine encouraged slavery
    Your god was Wealth & Economy
    Allowing men to twist and bend
    Scriptures to cloak their sins
    But God knows and he hears
    The voice of our blood crying out through the mist of years
    I'm with brother Malcom when he said yall be some devils
    To devise desecration on such massive levels
    I bet yall fat catz in Washington on a power spree
    Don't realize that Black architect Benjamin Banneker designed your precious D.C
    Ever notice how the more things change the more they stay the same?
    Cause back then it was whip crackin slave patrollers with hounds free to slay and maim
    But now its the cops on our black boys backs
    With those guns and baton smacks
    Sistas we holler about how independent we be
    But it runs deeper in our psyche
    Cause Willie Lynch devised a plan
    For us to breed children so we would not need our Black man
    The act of abandonment began
    When our men were used as bucks to breed
    But were freed of all responsibility once we bore the seed
    This was the plan of decomposition of the Black family
    To bind us in this vicious mentality
    Now 400 years later we are divided
    Cause communication is one sided
    Natural shackles have been broken
    But mental bands need to hear these words spoken
    To break these bonds of psychological oppression
    When need a revolutionary insurrection
    Like Nat Turner rising to burn
    We must turn
    From the white lens view of our minds
    And reach deep down in our souls to find
    The power of our rich heritage and history
    That was stripped from our collective memory
    Recanting the menancing untruths
    Ingrained in our minds from youth
    We are the Chosen Ones
    Blessed with the rays of the SUN
    Behold we press for the prize
    Clear the clouds of ignorance from our eyes
    Let us arise from the dust
    United with a new sense of faith and trust
    We are a living LEGACY
    Embodying the power of majesty
    Creating testaments not for HIS-tory
    But OUR story
    Cause we done crossed the dark waters of Jordan to our Promised Land
    Now STAND!
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    Sister, you are out cold. All I can do is :bowdown: