Black People Politics : A Review of the Black Political Convention (1972)

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    In 1972 Gary Indiana housted A Black political Convention. Here are some of the issues they demanded:

    Whites were excluded from the convention, a policy decried by the NAACP. At the convention, notions of Pan-Africanism and cultural nationalism tended to prevail over an integrationist philosophy.

    Media attention centered around two of the most controversial topics under discussion: the creation of a Palestinian homeland and school integration through busing. (we know Obama is for freezing settlements and going back to existing borders of 1967).

    “”Brothers and Sisters of our developing Black nation,” the 1972 agenda declared, “we now stand at Gary as people whose time has come.” The night President Obama was elected president he said: “Our Times for change has come”. You can hear it every Sunday on the Chris Matthews show (not Hardball)

    Home rule for the District of Columbia ( Obama ?)

    Establishment of national network of community health centers (check Obama)

    Establishment of system of national health insurance (Check Obama)

    Elimination of capital punishment (Obama book on hope he went back & forth on it p58)

    Creation of a new urban-based Homestead Act ( Obama’sownership society p. 179)

    Government guarantee of minimum annual income of $5200 for family of four

    Minimum wage guarantee of $2.50 (That’s a given for Obama see p.181)

    Establishment of a black United Fund (Black Bank) Obama gave unconditional support to white banks).

    Effective enforcement of anti-trust legislation. (Obama against IMF bank creating crisis p278)

    I was amazed at some of similarities Of President Obama to the agenda. A year or so ago he address the Black caucus annual forum that it wasn’t about the man it was about a plan. He was reiterating the eloquent Ossie Davis, who gave the baddest eulogy ever in the USA for malcom X in 1965. Davis in 1971 was addressing the Black Caucus dinner and said: it’s not the man, it’s the plan; it not the rap, it’s the map”. Harold Washington picked up this when he became the first and last Black mayor of Chicago. Washington had his army of voters saying: “we fired up; we tried not going to take it no more”. That sounded similar to the campaign of 2008 where his army of voters said: “We fired up and ready to go”. Obama claims he got it from an old lady from another said. The Washington army didn’t want to take white politicians who took them for granted and wasn’t inclusive enough for the peoples in Chicago. I observed this on one of the episodes of “Eyes on the prize” on youtube.

    In 1972 Obama was 11 years old if he would have been at the black political convention maybe sporting an afro he had when he was in College. Obama would have blended right on in with the agenda. Much of his language and policies in the past would have interconnected.

    One issue I would have added is a link with Africa to take control of their diamonds and gold from the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers and De beers. They do not deserve to have the birthright of Africans, the original man of the land.

    So we must come up with a plan

    To get back our land.

    They are using our own mineral and metals to oppress Black people worldwide.