Black Poetry : A Return Of The Mack ( The Closet King)

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
got rhymes that rap got rhymes that reel some may say it's no big deal
like a human shield we come together light as a feather no matter the weather
got me on a leash trying to impeach Trump I got a hunch call me late for lunch
to walk the miracle mile still to know all the great while I'm not a wild child
I base my grip on the fix prone to the gates of heaven not a one stop shopping event at your local seven eleven.
Frozen from the scenic view where others simply have no clue what to do
It's all a battle for your mind but some are stuck behind the blind
out of every situation we need to be home frying the bacon you know what I'm saying

A return of the Mack you know where it's at we got peeps in the street with dancing feet
what a treat to bask in the vast expanse between space and time to be wined, dined & 69'd
Hip hop you know where its at working too hard can give you a heart attack
A Return of The Mack got this fever to take us higher down to the wire for your desire
The closet king takes his swing where the freedom bell ring ain't nothing but a thing
pretty faces painted laces let us be proned to stay away from basket cases
souped up body kit with rims on the side we all want to run away & hide

Got cheap trick at the end of my stick your rhymes are slick give me a sip
of my magic potion surf and turf by the edge of the ocean basking on the tonic magic lotion
rap is for dreamers who live for success dress to impress don't lift up their fist
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