Black Poetry : A Real Dissappointment

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    Apr 1, 2001
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    Even with a ship or boat you couldn’t flip or float quotes
    You Drowns as the clown that couldn’t swim with dope hopes
    Your titanic will die and panic nothing romantic about
    The antics you write tonight. A twinkle in eye but clout
    Like wrinkle pie no flavor, with stale behavior no doubt
    Now who on the street can you hook being a weak crook?
    Your guns don’t fire just a dumb one for hire at a fast food place
    A rude disgrace to Hip Hop you couldn’t rip shop with a chain saw
    I’m plain raw how can you flow fast with no class you came with flaw
    So what’s your sick aim with a nickname HOOKMAN? Are you Santa Claus?
    Best dodge mine read the large sign do not trespass or I’m stress your a-ss
    You don’t impress fast your mess like cast metal just lay there like lifeless trash
    Stories not told right can’t hold tight to that microphone have psycho dome
    Like Norman Bates probably own a hotel you don’t flow well go home
    This gospel charm can possible harm your whack brains with black flames
    You an idiot with no affiliate a dang midget like Bushwick bill what’s your claims?
    Not a ghetto boy let go you annoy me or I’ll destroy thee, you don’t make me smile
    Just fake no style

    I’ll smash your sense if you dash against me your brain leaking leaves
    Like the rain beating trees not ready with wisdom no steady rhythm that frees
    Expression, wear the tattoo of a fat crew that over eats can’t hold a beat
    In rap this heat will snap your spine and your mind you face bold defeat
    Fold fleets with this look you pissing vapors on missing papers no files
    In your cabinet just a hardcore rabbit looking for tricks can’t taper styles
    Can’t beat back the heat of this attack you’re a buster like CUSTER
    Using your saddle but losing the battle you write garbage in clusters