Black People : A Race Without Respect

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
A Race Without Respect!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

A Race Without Respect Is Like A Lion Without Teeth And Claws, A Roar Without Respect, and Black Afrikans are a Race with all talk without action and has no respect for self and get no respect from the world!!!

Black Afrikans are like a toothless Lion with no claws and without such a defense you serve to be submissive and dependent on those who live in defense of their life living freedom and independence, having all claws and mouth with Teeth, such being self-determination in defense of self and with a defense to protect you living with justice, all of which Black Afrikans live without the ability to do today.

The Black Afrikan people no longer live to be in a position and condition to protect the sanctity of the Black Race, meaning that the Children, Elders, all are without the security of the Matured, the Black Goddess no longer is with unity with the Black Male Gender with maturity, not now in mind Body, and Spirit, having the Black Race to be exposed to become a Race made to be oppressed and depressed in the world today, serving to be no Greater Good to The Children and the Elders of the Black Race.

A Race living without Freedom is no Good to Self and is a failure to others of the Black Race living in need of self-assurance with physical security and when the body is not secure the Mind is the cause of the body state of being, the Black Afrikan mind is no longer Divine making the Black Race to be with all Talk with no thought which has the Black Race liken to the Claw less And Toothless Lion, a profile of weakness and defeat lacking the power to live secured with Respect for Self.

All that I share with Black Afrikan people have me liken to the saying of being a voice crying in the wilderness of dependent on others, sounding like the beating of shining brass and a tingling symbol, all noise verifying pain with no mind to generate action to secure the need of comfort and peace, an environment no longer come from and is of an action that will secure the Black Afrikan Race.

We love hearing the noise of our voice attempting to deceive our intuitive self, the that know you before the action of your mind fantasize the Black Afrikan living condition to be that which no action from you have caused it to be, as we Black Afrikans run around pretending to be Free and equal to our oppressors, no self-examination using our Divine Mind that share with Black Afrikans only the Divine Truth which the Black Afrikans today ignore.

.Let me share this very slow coming from a Black Afrikan Nationalist Divine Mind, take a look to see our past living involvement, which shows a roller coaster of rising and fall of the Black Afrika Kingdoms appearing in different and various periods of windows of time the rise of the Black Afrikans Kingdom did not come from us wearing the spirit of the toothless and claw less loin, each time Self-Respect with freedom, Justice and Independence rose in the body, mind and spirit of Black Divine Beings, action of organized involvement using the Divine mind to Divinely Reason Logically with, which pointed the way to our Freedom, Justice and Independence again, the Black Afrikan Unified Nation being the Crown of Organized Black World performance, well organized with collective self-respect having no envy, no jealousy, no backbiting about each other, just one organized active Black Afrikan Nationalist Nation unified against all that racist Devil, Satan Luciferian Human Being acted with an evil spirit against the Dominance Black Divine Unified Black Universal Being, you Black Afrikan of today, which has been reduced to become a Race that do all Talk with no action in pursuit of our Freedom, Justice and Independence, we're acting as if we Black Afrikans no longer deserve to live in the Golden Age all crystallized again!!!

Without Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, The Black Afrikan Race Perish For The Lack Of Divine Knowledge About What The Divine Essence, God Is, And Who The Black Cosmic Universal Divine Beings Are!!!

Divine Respect
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