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    A Race In Denial

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    It is not I, that have to share, but it is you that have the obligation to receive all that our Ancient Divine First Way Black Ancestors Have to give to you, which I and many others share with you, Black goddess and gods you once were and can be again, if only you would open up to the inner sanctum of your Divine Mind and see and hear the wonders about God, Universe, and your Black Life Self.

    There is a Black Nation now so diverse in their ways and action, demonstrated through and by the attitude and behavior of a Race of Black Beings that have fallen victim to what is referred to as Change, a demonstrated action that is of no kin to Divine stability, one representing lies and deceit, while the other is verifying Truth and Reality, Change representing Profanity and Stability verifying Divinity.

    In Divinity, which indicate Harmony, Order, And Balance Of Action performed, there is no reason to be in a state of denial about anything, because in Divinity you revolve in the circle of Knowing, an experience that does not change in the midst of diverse action.

    The Black Nation has been enticed to become a Diverse Nation, playing a role in Life that does not fit the Body Mind you have been suited for, and yet we Black people, by the abandoning of the Level of Dimension we once experienced, now find ourselves in a state of denial about the action that has been used against the Black Race and has caused it to experience a level of Dimension that has become our action of change and it is that change that now have Black people in a state of denial, claiming to be something we have been told to be, which is Afrikan and Human, a status on a Dimension that is control by Lucifer themselves, they being the Human Beings in the World.

    The Brand New Afrikan is always seeking a way out from becoming responsible for our Action, we have developed a habit of dependency upon those that came into our House showing no respect what-so-ever and proceeded to take advantage of godly Divinity, on the surface it would seem as if our Divine Ancestors lost their way, because Change came into our House and was able to leave crying victory over our Divine Ancestors, yet the loser is yet to be revealed, because in a Divine State of Being, Evil is no match, so the question become, what happen to the Black People of Sumer, well, they lost their knowledge ( Divine Mind )and they died.

    When change entered the Divine house of the Divine, it came seeking knowledge it did not have, yet the Divine Ancestors, they that had seen the Mind of Change in their midst in the form of a Human Being, a form endowed with lies and deception, yet the Divine allowed change to come and stake a place in the company of Divine Black People, yet our Divine Ancestors was not to teach change all that is needed to know, because they knew of the insincerity of Change coming begging for Divinity, so the Divine Ancestors allowed them to stay only a season and sent them on their way, waiting to see the wisdom that they had shown to their children, in how we would deal with Change, and they proceeded to tell the children what was to come from the Mind and hand of change, the Human Being action against a Black World, with the foundation of knowledge capable of repelling change, yet the First Way Ancestors knew that such Divine awareness would not be the attitude of the Children of Divine Black Beings.

    A Thousand years there after before change re-enter the house of the gods, yet the Mother and Father of the Divine Black Beings had left to take up a place within our Solar System, leaving their children to be the care takers of the Divine Knowledge, knowing that change will succeed in the house of the gods, so change came to the Black Mind, leaving it with nothing we needed to know, yet knowing that all the children of the gods needed to know, was and will remain hidden in a place change know not, that place being the Divine Mind of a Divine people, we who now are in a Mental state of Denial because it is the Change Mind of Black People that now guide the life of a once Divine Black being.

    In a mental state of denial, you become the servant to change and you have come to accept change in the Black Life status as being a common thing to do, so we Black Once Divine Beings with Patience with hope that Change will come and save our Black Life, it will never happen, as a matter of fact the absent of change in the Black Life will serve to the detriment of the Human Being, they that be the author of change in the Black Life, so much so, until Black people no longer know whom we are in this evil world, a mental condition our Ancient First Way Ancestors made reference to when they informed us about what we Black People must do in order to combat change and that is to return to the knowledge of whom we Black Folks are, yet Black People remain in a state of denial to such instruction and the Black World continue to suffer from the change that has taken over our Black Life.

    It is imperative that Black people stop the change that now prevent us from knowing whom we are, if not, the Black Life is sure to Die a complete Mental Death, the source of the Physical Life.

    Black people are in denial when told if Afrika and the Black Nation is ever to rise back into our Divine State of being, that there has to become a reunion of the Lost Children of the Black World, they being the children of our Enslaved Ancestors in the Diaspora, yes Afrika will not be for the Black so call Afrikan, unless the Diaspora Black so call Afrikans are inserted back into the Life Line of the Black Nation, whose place of first arrival was that Land now call Afrika.

    Beloved, is it not a fact that the Sun serve as the life line and guide to the Planets and the elemental forces are of the Sun _ Star, yet the Sun- Star remain available to those forces without indication of selfish superiority, yet by its appearance and powerful action, It Is.

    Does the Sun=Star behave as if there is no difference between It and those Planets that It summon and Guide, leading each along their separate path, all having a common destination?

    Well, so it is with the Black Divine Being, serving as a superior Member of the
    Anthropomorphous Universe, you being liken to the Sun-Star in our Solar System.

    Yet the Black World now a prisoner of Change and no longer is in the know of whom we are and because of such ignorance, we have allowed change to transform us Black once Divine Beings, liken to the Star in our Solar System, now changed into Afrikan Human Beings, we who now are in a state of denial about whom we are and now we suffer a Life condition that is caused by Change, they that call themselves Human Beings and now we have become Blind and ignorant about whom we Black People are, a sure sign of the evil that change has caused upon the once Black Divine Beings,as we remain in denial of that Divine Reality.

    The Divine Truth, The Afrikan Human Being Despise The Divine Truth And The Consequence Is What You now observe of the Afrikan Human Beings, Black And Divine No more, All Because The Afrikan Human Being Now Live In A State Of Denial About Whom We Are, Refusing to accept the challenge of change and by being victorious will in fact return us back to our Divine Mind and Afrika back into the control of the original care takers, the Black Divine Beings in and over this world.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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