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    I need some quick answers...

    Why is death penalty wrong? How can we persuade that it is wrong?

    We will all one day stand before GOD AND STAND ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR, who are we to judge...I find this topic a very difficult one to agree with. Although I do agree with sending people to jail so that they will not be out to the world to jurt others, i find it difficult to say that we should be ending peoples lives. God gives us all millions of chances to turn our lives around. If we go and end someone elses life ho do we know if they would have ever been able to change? God has the ability to change people such as murders, rapists, thieves, anyone and everyone. Who are we to say that they should be killed and not given another chance to change just like the rest of us are given that chance every day. I've heard of many people who go into jail as vicious murderers, they're given a Bible and they come to GOD. Their whole lives are changed for that point on. But what if they had been killed the day before they were given that chance? We are not God, let's not do His job!
    GOD BLESS :angel1:
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    INDEED i hear u but in some cases one must pay the price
    for the sorrow they cause to a nother and yes some can be
    reborn again but we have so many sick mentally people upon
    us surely as people we can't judge nor pass judgement on one's
    life but allow them to answer the the master on there judgement
    day ....sometime punishment of death for the life of another is
    it ...we live in the system not make it people who kill for thrill
    mass murders who care less for self life and another is fit to
    sit in the seat ...

    I will move this to the open forum as this not poetry
    this a deep topic u raise !