A question for my Brother and Sister Rich&Angel

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    social worker...
    Before i ,m going to ask what i wanted to ask...

    I want you to know that i come here with a fullLoving heart..Guided by gods holy ghost...and imagine i walk over the two of you..

    and put my left arm and my right arm....
    over the both of youre shoulders (like they do in american footbal team)
    and look to you....left
    right ..

    left right..in both of youre eyes and say...

    are we alright ?
    is this about friday night...
    or does i goes back long ago?
    Because i said to you you need to hook up ...?
    i ment that .....
    And like i said sumthimes i say sumthing because i feel that somone is
    struggeling with sumthing...and i want to help..or bring it on light..
    but i am a human to i could be wrong..
    Cause when i said that i had the feeling you rich interpated me wrong ...
    And as i look to what some people say to you to sumthimes ...i,m like..
    well with me you pick it up different..

    ar we cool ..?

    or is there anyone mad ..?

    is there sumthing i did wrong ..?
    is there sumthing i need to know?

    And my last and most inportent question....

    How do you see me ?

    as a sister.....?
    yes or no?

    Do you wan me to
    tell you not only when you are acting right ..
    but also when you are acting wrong.....?
    not in a judgement way but..with love?

    I,m talking about real love....

    or not..

    let me know ..guys...

    Cause i know ...

    I got :heart: for you...

    was it sumthing i said....
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    betwixt and between
    i love you Sister LibertyLady !! :love:


  3. $$RICH$$

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    BUSINESS owner
    (Q)are we alright ??
    (A)as i know we all are and just fine sista .

    (Q)is this about friday night or go back long ago ??
    (A) not sure what you mean if you talking about poetry and our flow
    we have been writting for some time together so yes long ago if you
    are expressing something else then i'm 110% lost on what u mean.

    (Q) Because i said you need to hook up ?
    (A) We hook up ofter in poetry as writters and poets but i hook up with
    mostly everyone i cross , myself and Angel are at times extreme writters
    but humble poets as well .

    Truely no one is struggling what give u that view sista Libertylady
    what we was doing was having great fun poeticly extreme style
    maybe you was reading to deep into the post .

    are we cool ??
    now you know we are yes we cool why shouldn't we !

    (Q) how do you see me as a sista yes or no ??
    (A) sure as a sista my sista in christ .

    (Q) do you want me to tell you when you acting right
    as well as when you acting wrong ???

    (A) first there was no wrong and one can't judge the text as such
    also surely i know right from wrong well let's say moma tought me that
    long ago i know my standards and the line not to cross i hold a deep
    respect and a loving heart , i don't think you can be able to bring forth
    such but i do listen .

    there was nothing you said why you ask did someone treat you bad
    or say something to you or was it that you really was reading into some
    hot poetry too deep and use a vision to bond something whatever it was
    i know i hold no problem and it's all love and that don't change never so
    we all good you need to read me more often i write from 6 sides of a mindset
    when i'm flowing i use my creative vision and bring what i feel is needed
    i pose a depth differently when i write ...I remember you asking me about what
    is this SADIE thing and who as you can see i come very differently Sadie
    is a creative voice a sista of worth and battle the wrongdoers toward women
    she come correct and forward no red tape to cut through

    Now if i'm correct this should help you and i'm sure sista Angel feel the same
    but i'll let her speak for herself but i'm sure now if you are talking about anything
    differently then forget this and let me say i'm 110% lost sista but all love floats
    Peace and Blessing
  4. LibertyLady

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    Aug 24, 2002
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    social worker...
    I :heart: you to Destee :love:

    and i love all the brothers and sisters here :Love:

    rather if some believe it or not...


    its good to know that love flows and that we all alright..
    and that we can talk about it and not go into ""war"'
    as a lot off people do these days....

    when i said "'do you want me to tell you when you are acting right...
    (give complements) as well as when you are acting wrong that may cost other hurt..."'

    Cause that is what i like for my sisters and brothers to tell me what i do wrong if i,m doing sumthing wrong or what may cost other hurt trough my behavior other wise i feel that they dont love me and i can not grow when i am serounded by people who dont love me in truth "'let us love not only with the word or tongue but with action and truth""

    i wasnt talking about the text but the feeling i had ...that i tought that you thought i ment it mean...
    when i responded on the poem....
    you got me wrong the poem was beautifull..
    but i just had that feeling cause suddenly i saw this topic going up...
    the topic "'poets show love or just leave""

    And somethimes i have that feeling the more love i show the more hate i feel..
    Now like i told and as for manny here may already know...
    I am a sensitive person that is not youre fault..
    I dream i...see visions sumthimes things about the world things about people..
    wich make me sensetive for catching up vibes from people....
    Lord is giving me guidance how to give me a kind of shild so i dont pick up all the vibes cause that would meen that i,m feeling to much and that would be no life .I,m just telling you a little more about me so that you can understand me to where i,m comming from ...just like you told me about how you write from a 6 minded spirrit and how you flow...

    And like i said before sumthimes with that sensetivity i pick up struggles and i just want to help give advise or give guidance with love and truth..
    "'you just said "'sister in christ"' yes i believe in him and let myself be guides by him and most of all i try sto stay and walk in his love..
    and like i said before ....
    because i am also a human ..i can also pick up vibes wrong
    and it is just normal to than come to me and say ...you misunderstood me..
    or that what i didnt ment with it..or you catch up the wrong vibe...


    yes someone has treaded me here not nice....not with respect..
    wich makes me sad...
    and i forgave this person manny times..
    i also have forgive this person now...
    but i have wondered manny times if this person learns from its mistakes works on it and makes a change.......Or contineu as how i feel it turn it around in hate....

    to be continued In loVe :heart:

    cause i still want to ad sumthing to it.....
    in love........

    so for the person who is checking what i,m writting...god is watching me to ok
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    Hey Sister Liberty...

    I have nothing to add as Rich have answered in full and I am in agreement with him...Love you... Now relax :) there is no problems or issues....

  6. LibertyLady

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    Aug 24, 2002
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    social worker...
    I know angel:heart:.....

    Like i said there i have love in my heart for You&Rich :heart::smile:
    honest standing in front of the throne of god..

    but i have to tell you .....

    that there is some one who hates me out there verry much...
    and i mean it verry very much...
    somethimes so much it wants me to die..
    but like i siad i have no fear i only fear god...

    and i can give him only one Name.....and that is the devil ,Satan
    and he works trough some people somethimes

    but Jezus Christ has already won...

    and i,m saying this Out loud here...

    Not to anyone here but to Evil...

    GO away In the ALpha Omega Abba father jezus christ name!