Black People : A private conversation with a sistar Astrologer

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    A private conversation with a sistar Astrologer

    As eye said... When the good in one's gifted ego has reached its limit, often times people forget and begin to rely on the many ricochets of the super-ego that always results "all" into a complete failure. This place, this entered realm can be called "The Zero-Point". As it is here, that anywhere is within the now, that you instead command your soul reflecting spirit to do "the work" through the center in thy very soul... As agreed upon... So...only so that you may astral even more while in the physical into the infinites of spiritually evolving into the ever-presence of. And as people who chase money through the super-ego, focus on one's "salvation" instead only the same way, which only means being a current spiritual being. a Divine flow-ing... To co-exist with the doer of all, many (delusional) boundaries indoctrinated into the mind as "the all that there is" must be spiritually broken through one's naturally born God-conscious soul mirroring mind... This eye said to the "old" woman (named Mirah) is the letter D in GOD. The...Destructor of the super-ego... What else blocks one's charts for you to read, as I know you reading these words. Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.