Black Poetry : A Prayer for Our Brothers & Sisters in New Orleans


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May 30, 2005
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Sorry this isn't a poem, but I still believe that prayer is the greatest spoken word of all. So I hope that you will take a moment pray this prayer with me.

Father God in heaven,
Our savior, Our Sword, Our Strength, and Almighty Shield
Lord we ask you for your mercy right now.
Father we ask for your love and that your great hands of protection be laid around all our downtrodden brothers and sisters that have fallen in the wake of this terrible storm.
Lord let us not blame or cast fault, but let us rise up in these trying times
As a nation undivided to build back that which has been broken down.
Father God we ask that out of turmoil, you bring peace, order and a renewed faith
Father God we ask that out of death, darkness, and scattered debris that you bring the light of life and the will to endure the strongest of storms.
Father we ask for your presence with all these families right now
To comfort severed and broken hearts
To sooth wounds and shattered spirits
Father we, God right now we’re praying that you open the other floodgates.
Your great floodgates of heaven and pour out to our fallen the true blessings of Love, Charity and Hope so that they will continue to believe in your power and not be discouraged.
Father we ask all these Blessings in Jesus name.


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