Black Poetry : A Prayer For Black African American Poetry Members

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    Oh heavenly father I come to you in the blood of my brother Jesus
    The tribe of your ordination, let the pens of my brothers and sisters
    Restore your sacred grounds. I pray that your spirit touch there families
    And that they continue to teach the children of your blessings.
    I bring it to the calvary and sit before the cloth.
    Let thy spirit touched the innocence of the heart.
    Yea thou I walk through the pits that sometimes seem like hell.
    Guide my brothers and sisters to open doors that sometimes
    Bring darkness to your cause.
    I fall upon my knees I pray Oh God
    carry my sisters and brothers through the light.

    Thy spirit shall not fear the weapons of the dark.
    No weapons shall form against me said you dear lord.
    My brothers and sisters shall follow the spirit
    The warrior Mother Queen Destee the Harriet Tubman
    That will bring them across.
    Open up the doors that our ancestors dreams will not go in vein.
    Guide us dear God that we will shine upon the light.
    Women of the blood hair of wool, arms that touch the world,
    Victory of your cause.
    Brothers the messiahs of our brother.
    The men of the future, let no weapons form
    Against the army of you thy God.

    The Armored Pen of you dear God.
    The meek shall inherited the earth.
    Oh this day dear God our brothers of brothers.
    Who died for your laws.
    That the torch will continue to burn in Unity
    And the roots of our family tree will multiply
    And bring great warriors of the heavens
    Dear lord, I sing no victim cause.
    I mothers and daughters of the cloth
    No where our voice belong.

    Mother Queen

    Can you hear, the celestials of unity?
    Can you hear, the rivers as they cry out peace?
    Can you hear the mountains? They sing glory to thee.
    Can you hear the birds as they sing?
    Can you feel the wind, as it taps to the beat?
    The storm the light the street, the message from God.
    Listen as it speaks. Can you hear the rivers, as it screams,
    give me life, are give me death. God is love,
    Can you see the sun in his eyes? Sweet smells of creations,
    That centers, above your head.
    You have now recieved your wings.

    Have you ever wondered what links to the skys above?
    Do you think? We are the only ones, who abide by Gods laws.
    Can you hear t he mighty winds? Listen to rivers as they speak.
    Can you see the angels? The birds that flap their wings.
    See the love of the seas, the incubator who gives,
    life above the seas. Can you hear? The celestials of Unity.
    Women and Men Of the cloth.

    Sisters and Brothers of Black African Community of Love.
    Thy Amory pen of God, Thou proverbs of spoken word
    of great understanding to thou, Thy Prophesies of psalms,
    thy great writer of thy almighty God,
    Thou sacred stroke of the pen,
    the canvas of the heavens an earth,
    the molding of the clay, creations of human life.
    The seeds of life,
    Multiply in Gods Spoken words,
    Creations of a great pen.
    Virtues that shines in the light,
    the blue pen strokes of the skies.

    The Green that gives the tenderness to thy earth,
    the smell of scented love,
    The Mountains of clay, (Red) Black, Green
    Form the creations of man.
    "Red the blood of thy King"
    "Black the legacies of Kings and Queens."
    Green that our Ancestors created in love.
    Life that forms the creation of man.

    The skys commands wisdom to guide,
    Thy purpose shake,
    and thou soul shall embrace,
    the spoken words.

    Heaven the palace, of the almighty God,
    That arises, Miracles yielding from the skies,
    Prepare to meet thou,
    At the golden gate,
    The doves flaps their wings,
    Thou tears embrace.

    When thou god sends life to earth,
    Let thou faith to heaven repair the wings,
    That expands to the yielding of thy air,
    Celestial chants in numbers flows,
    Melodies enchanting strain,
    The dove sings,
    The armory of the almighty pen.

    Oh thou pen submerging the earth,
    Link to the celestial, beings the planets embrace,
    The union of Gods creations emerges,
    The singing of rebirth,
    The creations come together as one.
    Who gave thee birth, thou taught us life.
    Words of Gods great laws.
    Nations come together,
    with the armory of the pen,
    The Universe cries, Oh thy almighty god,
    Mercy to thee.

    On this day I declare sisters and brothers of the cloth.
    May God continue to touch your heart
    A present of the spoken words.
    The warriors of the Cloth.
    I love you keep hope alive.
    I raise my hand upon the cross
    I Salute in the name of God. :jumping:

    Merry Christmas
    And A Happy New Year
    God Bless The Queen
    Sister Destee we love you
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    this was beautiful than u for dis poetic black prayer
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    u got me speechless here
    sch a warm flow
    thank you
    and nice flow my sister...
    Happy Holidays t you as well...Angel

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    God loves you and so do I
    One love, One God, One Peace