Black Poetry : A Poet's Prayer: I Want To Be A DOPE POET!

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    Just a little bit of truth for myself and fellow poets.....(all sarcasm intended) :)

    Dear God
    I want to be a DOPE POET
    Despite the fact that there are a million high minded individuals
    Claiming to be God
    Or Saul Williams and Jessica “Care” Moore wannabees
    Or punch line poets
    Who throw out witty, and socially conscious, universally acceptable ********
    Tickled by their own wit and intellect
    Yet failed to connect with anyone else once off stage
    Or oversexed poets
    Who fail to see their own lack of creativity
    Please tell me about your overrated sexual escapades!
    Since the rest of us aren’t getting none, right?
    You don’t inspire orgasms much less ear-gasms on the mic
    Or those who are so spiritually sage
    So love and peace
    Burning incense
    Deep meditation
    Head full of locks
    Yet they talk more **** than a little bit
    And become prize fighters in poetry arenas
    Or arrogant *** poets
    Who are so deeply entwined in their mindless metaphors
    That they can’t realistically expect anyone to identify with them
    They hog the open mic
    Like fat b*tches at a barbecue buffet
    Oh, did I say something politically incorrect?
    Forgive me God for being less than perfect
    Less than creative
    If I dare to redefine the revolution
    Is it a sin for me to claim to be conscious?
    Yet I don’t rock locks
    I smoke weed
    And sip a wine cooler now and then
    Cause everyone knows poets are the biggest alcoholics anyway
    And please forgive me for not quite meeting the standards of a universal poet
    Because I only write about what I live
    Not what I imagine
    But still I want to be a DOPE POET
    So I can get off by whip lashing the masses with their own ignorance
    Become a three day , three book revolutionary
    And pretend to know everything
    And never understand one thing
    Or get my jollies off by ignoring virgins to the mic
    Tune them out and talk loud as hell while they read
    Let my cell phone ring on the loudest level
    Slide out the side door
    So I can hide the fact they bore me
    But then when I get on stage I want to be the center of the universe
    Everyone pay attention to ME, ME, ME
    Because, yes, I am such a **** important person
    With a **** important message
    For all you unconscious, unlearned, uncivilized little people
    I want to bash your little brains with my big words
    All in the name of being a DOPE POET
    Yes, God I confess that your importance pales
    In comparison to putting myself on a pedestal
    For all to see
    I’d just as quickly forsake the Bible, The Koran, and the Torah
    For a chance to be on an episode of Def Jam Poetry
    Slam my soul out against everyone in every contest
    Just as long as I can be SEEN
    Buy out my latest book and CD
    Sell out to the highest bidder
    It’s all the same thing
    Just one more opportunity for the world to praise ME
    Communities can go to hell as long as my words sale
    Education, economics, and politics are merely hot topics
    That earns me hand claps and finger snaps
    Consciousness is my head wrapped fashionably
    Revolution and universalism are trendy terms
    That all can learn, but never live
    Oh , ****, did I actually have a moment of honesty?
    Dear God forgive me
    But I only wanted to be a DOPE POET
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    I'm loving this..........keep this flow coming!
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    Yo legacy21...This is definitely DOPE (pun intended) have my *** high as a kite...if this ain't some real **** nothing is...and I notice you're from the D...way to represent!!! Keep hitting 'em.

    your brother blak aka mineapple by way of the D