Black Poetry : A Poetic Anthology of Love and the Pursuit of Spiritual Growth

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    You made my soul unwind

    Caused convulsions in my mind

    You gave me a climax

    Of a new kind

    You set me on fire

    And filled me with desire

    You had my climax

    Down to the wire

    Oh, arsonist of love!

    You set me ablaze

    And put me in a daze

    The love you made

    Surely did amaze

    Gave me a climax

    I have yet to come down


    You deserve your crown

    I call you king

    Cause you did a great thing

    You ruled my nation

    Without hesitation

    Killing me softly

    Like a spiritual assassination

    Physical education

    You’re a coach

    Training me with

    A skilled approach

    Taking me high

    Beyond the sky

    Beneath the sun

    Where we lie

    To come down

    Would be a shame

    I guess that’s why

    I haven’t been the same


    I remember taking my shower and going to my room to open a package I had received. It contained components to my mp3 player and I wanted to test them out. One of the pieces was incompatible, so I wanted to test it out on the radio in the gym located in the dormitories. Believing no one was in there, I went in my very revealing shorts and shirt only to find David shirtless and working out. I did what I had to do and quickly made my exit.

    Back in my room, I put away the components that came in the package and got in my bed to sleep. Soon, I heard a knock on my door. I went to go answer, but saw no one. Then, David turned the corner and came back. He said that he wanted to say good-bye and gave me a hug, but I knew greater intentions were on his mind.

    Returning to bed, I heard another knock. I knew it was him. I answered. He stuttered as he spoke and asked to come in. I asked his intentions and he said that they were only to talk. I allowed him in. Even though, I knew what would result, at that point in my life I was very open, especially to him.

    He came in and we talked. We shared small details about each other’s life, but the sexual tension was thick and we both knew what we really wanted.

    Making an announcement of his exit, he got up to leave, and I gave a sigh of relief. It was too soon to make that kind of move. I mean, what would he think of me? Oh, but a bold man’s passions!

    Before you knew it, we were naked and I was taken. He was a perfect fit and his touch was divine. It was the most appealing sexual experience that I had ever had. Now, granted, it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, but it was nice and he even cuddled me afterwards; however, I couldn’t enjoy it because my spirit, that was just getting revamped, knew that I had did something very wrong....