Black Poetry : A poem from a niece to an Uncle:

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    Oct 7, 2002
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    We played together while I was young
    I didn’t know who you were but I had some idea cause
    My mother trusted you.

    I remember you picked me up by my ears,
    Five years old and only five pounds that’s how it seemed
    (I think you stretched my brain to think)

    I have faint memories of you cause you
    Choose a quick fix over a permanent
    Fixture called your niece
    I’ve always loved you cause I knew you loved me

    But why did you choose drugs over
    My sweet innocent hugs you chose
    Crack houses instead and dope dealers
    Instead of long walks and quiet reading sessions

    I‘ve been angry for year’s cause I
    Couldn’t understand why the screams
    Came in the middle of the night
    Between you and my mother and the pain
    I saw in your mother my grandmother,
    OUR family’s tree roots, the pain she shed
    Like leaves fallen off our REDWOOD,
    Were the lies worth it, is the result worth it

    I can’t ask you to reverse your way all I can say is
    Fallen on humble ground
    Pray for forgiveness
    Repent in your concrete jungle
    Stop swinging from lie to lie
    And do it in the light

    You have always had my love
    Cause I love you
    You have always had my heart
    Cause I have a soul
    You have always been here in my words
    Cause I can and I will always love you.

    Exodus Williams
    July 9th 2002
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    Apr 20, 2001
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    Exodus - I too have a favorite uncle who turned his life over to drugs - and it hurts me everyday although I love him just the same, and have hope that maybe someday he'll change