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    By Andre Austin

    Pentheus the player spits his game about a dream he had to his concubine Veronica Jones and Shelia Fazer

    Julian lectured and told:

    “Survival is just a matter of adapting your imagination to the conditions. A condition where the government, media, Police, Priests and Punks want to take away your American flag. And all the rights and privileges that come under it. They mixed the evil with the good and now have to live with it. Don’t let them nail you to the wood.

    I always hate dreaming about getting paid
    The lion tells the rich love will always get laid
    A man goes crazy viewing leopard pannies in plaid
    Money gets the honey don’t forget what was said”

    I got a border in order a wall of fame of good models
    She’s in control in her red pants as she works the throttle
    She gives me nourishment and sustenance from her two milk bottles
    She wears her horns like a sacred cow; and on the ranch I steer the Rattle
    But as a player on the streets I win all the love contests and battles
    I got Love branches from New York to the sleepless in Seattle

    If girls were ice cream I would host all the flavors in the candy store
    Like Romeo & Juliet said: “But I can give thee more” (Act V, Scene III)

    More flavors than nowenlatters but my favorite color is red, it makes me a little fiendish
    Veronica/Shelia. I just go crazy when you wear those red jeans wiggling like a fish

    The red ooze tumbled pants onto the carpet floor her lies a mare in a stable
    Feasting off the straws of her pubic hair, dinner was on the bed-table

    Pentheus just wanted to have Love
    Allegorically speaking he wanted it off a stove

    I fished you out of my dream with my imaginary Nets
    While siting in my lazy-boy chair holding my golden goblets (Song 7:2)

    A players dreams often comprises of many thoughtful sins
    Like fanaticizing having multiple girls in his bed loving his hens

    But I really seek and find only Chocolate Easter Bunnies
    Not for the profit of making the Johns dig deep for the money

    I confer with Cleaver who’s Soul on Ice brought down heat
    “A nightmare food” he said was that all-mighty white meat (Cleaver’s poem To a white girl)

    It’s a conspiracy there are those who deny it then those agree saying its some
    Whitey sets up institutions topsy curvy to have females rule the home

    It’s a crime, genetic annihilation, 21st Century Caper
    Read all about in Cress-Welsing’s: The Isis papers
    Dig deep into the psychiatrist Abnormal psychology
    Become a student of the crimes of Trickology
    And that’s why I avoid the devil’s last trick
    Vanilla could never choose a chocolate pimp cuz I get the picks
    Then I woke up from the alley I heard a noise and a scream
    I just wanted to tell you about Pentheus’s Dream