Chief Elder Osiris : A People That Is Immune Of being Embarrassed

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    A People That Is Immune Of being Embarrassed , Is A People Without A Divine Conscious.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When ever someone respond to something Divinely and Wisely shared, they using the Mental Garment of belief in their effort to counter the Divine Truth, then it reveal the character of an ill advised profane Mind, a Mind that rather believe than to Divinely Think.

    I indicate Divinely Think, because there are two quality of Thought, one is the Mind in use in Harmony, ( reasoning) Order,( rationally) and Balance ( logically) when Thinking about that which cause you to reach a conclusion of Divine Truth about the facts of the evidence concerning the event that happen that caused you to Think about the cause and Effect of the things that affect the body life, in an adversary or in an acceptable way of action toward your body life.

    Not so with the believing mind, because there is no Mental Divine structural procedure required of a believing Mind when developing faith in and about something or somebody, a Mind that stays infected in confusion, a Mind that is erratic, in disarray, and corruptly imbalanced when engaged in the process of believing, which is a profane method of thinking..

    When in a state of Divine meditation, you have no control of the process of your Mind because you See what a Divine mind will allow you to See, and that which you Divinely See is the Divine Truth of that which the Divine Mind is revealing to you, concerning the subject you went into meditation about, so there is no premeditation going on while in a Divine state of Meditation, so what I share about the Black World is what I See in a Divine meditated state and a profane mind even in a religious meditative state can not know and understand let alone interpret what a Divine mind reveal, while in a Divine Meditative state, because you See, only Divinity Beget Divinity and from such a union you get to know and understand that which is wisely shared.

    So yes, what I see of Black People is not based upon what I be looking at of Black People, because Looking is of a lower category consisting of the Body life sensual activity than seeing and the senses can and do deceive you but Divinity of Mind is a mental activity taking place beyond the conscious level of your mind action, an action that involve the body life on different mental dimension of action, one is believing and the other is Knowing and to know require you to understand and to know and understand require for you to be able to see and only through the seeing eye does wisdom appear in the use of that you see and not looking at, and know of and not believe about that you know not.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Now, the subject matter of this missive which state that A People Immune Of Being Embarrassed, Is A People Without A Divine Conscious and such a people happen to be Black People, you see beloved, concerning your body life, there are two dimension it act upon, the third take you into the action of life transition from the body to the Eternal Infinite state of after your body life to a state of eternal infinite existence, your body life does not reside on such a Divine Level of eternal existence.

    So on the physical dimension of life, one is physical and the other is not physical, many refer to the nonphysical as the spiritual because that level of action is all about the Esoteric and Mental display revealing your attitudinal behavioral body life revealing action, which elevate you into the out of conscious state which expose you to the Divinity of your Intuitive Metaphysical revealing state that expose you to Divine Information that transcend the Mind state that inform and guide the body life on the physical dimension.

    So when you see a people such as Black people acting as if there is never a urgency in our lives that we need to be acting upon and we always acting as if our lives have everything to be glad about and thankful about, in our present state of condition, such a profane spirit we express alone, show that there is no shame and embarrassment expressed by Black people concerning our present living condition and the evil and profane spirit we express toward each other but toward those that are the cause for us being in our present state of condition we show nothing but love, comfort and thanks to them and we do so showing no embarrassment at all, clearly demonstrate the severity of our ignorance.

    The present mind Black people have guiding us today dictate to us to be in total denial, dispute, and defensive against the Divine truth when it is accurately describing the profane spirit character being displayed by Black People and instead of Black People becoming embarrassed over the low level of Mind that now control our body life, we end up being arrogant in our self denial about how uncontrolled we are over our lives and many Black so call intelligent Afrikans have the audacity to portray a behavior of ignorance toward the Divine Truth as if it carry some kind of harm to those who are sharing the Divine Truth with Black People, how foolishly ignorant the want to be well received by our oppressors Black Afrikan, so much so to the point that we are willing to lie and deceive self first and Black People there after, about the going on in the world today and about what happen to a once Black Divine Spiritual World.

    When a people in bondage and mental captivity reach a level of appreciation of being in a low state of being and act as if it is a gift from God and become fighting Mad when somebody come along that is qualified to see the nature of the problem that is killing a once Divine Nation and no matter how vivid the description is, that is revealing the True profane nature of the pretending so call Black Afrikans, we who are loving, living the life of a so call hypocrite, it show a mentality that has no shame and is beyond being made to be embarrassed over the way we Black people live our lives today.

    Gere we are, always seeking what somebody else is giving to us, as long as we remain disobedient to self and remain immune to being embarrassed over the way everybody in the world have at one Time or another kicked our Black behind and that behind is still being kicked, as we giggle and dance for the master oppressors, we being all full of happiness because those devilish oppressors have selected Obama to be president over a country that is no more and never have been kind to Black People.

    Yet here you Black so call Afrikans are sounding life an echo of the oppressors when saying it is a New Day and Time in America for Black People when the only thing that is expected to be New is the face of Obama sitting in the Oval Office of those white folks House, as it come tumbling down and he being without one drop of power to change the living condition of Black People, not in America and most certainly not in Afrika and the sad part about it is that Obama never acknowledged the need of Black People, his focus has always been the American Middle Class and the Wealthy.

    So what is it about Black People who prefer Style over Substance, Loving to have bragging opportunity instead of Equal opportunity, pride, instead of self determination that lead to our Liberation, even as we operate upon such a false premise of a New day and Time in America, claiming it is going to change the living condition of Black People, we vainly push such a false premise without being embarrassed as we do so and we are not to consider to what extent our Mind has been Damaged as Black People?

    Never, Never, have I seen Black People become so excited over an issue that is capable of liberating Afrika and Uniting the Black World, not as we black People have become so excited over Obama, he who only invite your Black Behind to fore Go your Blackness and Joyfully become America Melting pot Dwellers, while you deny yourself to become engage in the only Liberating issue that has the potential to bring Liberation to Afrika and to Black People, and that issue is REPARATION WITH A FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO REPATRIATE TO AFRIKA WITH DIGNITY AND THE RIGHT TO BECOME THE NEXT STATE IN AFRIKA.

    Yet many Black people do not have the Mind that will allow you to See the Physical, Political, and Spiritual significance of the Sacredness of Reparation and most Black people are being prevented from knowing and understanding the scared and spiritual significance of Reparation, prevented by all of these phony so call Black Leaders, from the political stump to the religious pulpit, they have become the greatest and most potent enemy Black People have ever had since our Fall from our Divine Mind and you do not have a quality of Mind that will cause you to become embarrassed over the distant we have allowed Afrika to fall and the Black Nation to forget, concerning who we Black People really are, all because of the mind we not are a victim of and that mind is what cause Black people to be immune to being embarrassed of the conscious that prevent us from condemning ourselves for the way we now treat ourselves, a conscious that have us to have no shame or to be embarrassed over the spirit we now act out against each other.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    yeah. that would best sum up my most prevalent feelings; embarrassment:

    i'm embarrassed to watch these black sitcoms.
    i'm embarrassed to see how too many of us dress.
    i'm embarrassed to see our natural hair so displayed.
    i'm embarrassed to listen to the pseudo intellectualism.
    i'm embarrassed to read the mangling of the language.
    i'm embarrassed to listen to the denigration of our women, children and men.
    i'm embarrassed by the fervor with which "religion" is touted as "the answer".
    i'm embarrassed by the empty posturing.
    it's just flat embarrassing.

    but, i'm even more embarrassed because:
    too often i want to claim to be embarrassed to even be identified as belonging to the same culture as black people.
    too often i want to claim to be embarrassed to even be identified as belonging to the same sex as black men.

    but i won't claim either of those because I AM an African that demands a Higher Standard of Excellence.

    and i should very probably stop letting my embarrassment stop me from continuing in "believing" that i KNOW it can be found/developed right HERE!