Black People : A Peek At Who Drives AmeriKKKan Foreign Policy

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    A Peek At Who Drives AmeriKKKan Foreign Policy

    “The War Party’s plan, however, had been in preparation far in advance of 9/11. And when President Bush, after defeating the Taliban, was looking for a new front in the war on terror, they put their precooked meal in front of him. Bush dug into it. Before introducing the script-writers of America’s future wars, consider the rapid and synchronized reaction of the neocons to what happened after that fateful day. On Sept. 12, Americans were still in shock when Bill Bennett told CNN that we were in “a struggle between good and evil,” that the Congress must declare war on “militant Islam,” and that “overwhelming force” must be used. Bennett cited Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and China as targets for attack. Not, however, Afghanistan, the sanctuary of Osama’s terrorists. How did Bennett know which nations must be smashed before he had any idea who attacked us? The Wall Street Journal immediately offered up a specific target list, calling for U.S. air strikes on “terrorist camps in Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Algeria, and perhaps even in parts of Egypt.” Yet, not one of Bennett’s six countries, nor one of these five, had anything to do with 9/11. On Sept. 15, according to Bob Woodward’s Bush at War, “Paul Wolfowitz put forth military arguments to justify a U.S. attack on Iraq rather than Afghanistan.” Why Iraq? Because, Wolfowitz argued in the War Cabinet, while “attacking Afghanistan would be uncertain … Iraq was a brittle oppressive regime that might break easily. It was doable.” On Sept. 20, forty neoconservatives sent an open letter to the White House instructing President Bush on how the war on terror must be conducted. Signed by Bennett, Podhoretz, Kirkpatrick, Perle, Kristol, and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, the letter was an ultimatum. To retain the signers’ support, the president was told, he must target Hezbollah for destruction, retaliate against Syria and Iran if they refuse to sever ties to Hezbollah, and overthrow Saddam. Any failure to attack Iraq, the signers warned Bush, “will constitute an early and perhaps decisive surrender in the war on international terrorism.”- Patrick J Buchanan March 24, 2003 The American Conservative

    Unbeknownst to most Africans who view Europeans as a monolithic and unified entity when it comes to global hegemony over first world people, whites are divided along tribal, ethnic, religious, political and philosophical lines. While to us they seem like a bunch of virulent psychopaths (which they are) the various factions have their own agenda and goals. To find out what they are it behooves us to step away from the unified illusions presented in the corporate media and look at what the various factions say about their adversaries and rivals. For example we should look at material from the Militia Movement, the KKK, the Zionists, upper crust old money groups and the New World Order agents like the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. They tell us what’s on the minds of white folks and trust me, none of it is good as far as we are concerned. Another rule of thumb to note is if the mainstream media ostracizes or marginalize someone it is a good bet they are persona non grata to one or more of the various cliques vying for power, influence or control and they have given the media the nod to attack, discredit or ruin that person. (If for example a black person is given good press by the national media they plan to use him or co-opt his program for their own ends. If he or she is vilified in the press, he or presents a threat to the status quo.) Once all the mainstream media outlets come together on one accord, it is a clear sign the ruling elites or their various factions have set the agenda and the media are merely following orders.
    The current war in Iraq is one such example. Let me be very clear on this, this war is not about a threat to US security, weapons of mass destruction or liberating Iraq. The US is the aggressor here, it is the one using weapons of mass destruction bullying a weak and overmatched sovereign country! The only nation in the world that routinely uses pre-emptive strikes is Israel. The Bush inner circle contains many pro-Israel and pro Zionist sycophants. Most of us know oil is a major reason for the current carnage in Iraq. Geopolitical implications are also a factor. We can not discount the influence the Zionists are exerting in this war as Israel considers Saddam Hussein it’s sworn enemy and one of several countries they would love so see transformed into an impotent pliant neighbor in the region. When anyone points this out they are immediately pounced upon, attacked and viciously denounced as an “anti-Semite”, despite the fact most European Jews are recent converts to the religion. I suggest you read via the Internet Patrick J Buchanan’s March 23, 2003 article in the publication The American Conservative to see which factions within the Bush administration and the so called neo-conservative movement are calling the foreign policy shots.
    I for one am not impressed by labels, liberal, conservative, Republican Democrat, etc because they are merely expressions of a white supremacist mentality and an oppressive system that will never addressed our needs on a holistic level! Our struggle is for self-determination and mental decolonization. We must view the world from an ethnocentric or African centered perspective. The events in Iraq and the recent hard shift towards fascism in AmeriKKKa following 9-11 will impact our daily lives for years to come. For Africans in AmeriKKKa, this nation has always been a terrorist state. The US Constitution sanctioned slavery and protected the slave owners interests, the various states legislated vicious and oppressive slave codes, formulated a psychological, socio-economic peonage, racial caste system that legislated “black codes” following the Civil War and “Reconstruction”. Segregation and racial profiling are integral parts of recent AmeriKKKan history as are genocide and global imperialism. The more we know about our enemies and their world wide modus operandi the better prepared we are for survival. The bloodlust overseas will only trigger increased oppression, repression and blow back, especially as more and more resist the fascist agenda and expansion of imperialistic wars. We must become more conscious of the various tribal, ethnic and philosophical players, their goals and agenda who are promulgating a system of global white supremacy.