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Jul 26, 2001
A PEASANT PLEA TO A MAGISTRATE (JUDGE): Seeking a balanced Heart

By Andre Austin

In ancient Egyptian literature and folklore a pea-on serf or peasant makes three pleas to a Judge seeking justice for an injustice inflicted upon him. In summary of this long poem I will condensed into a few lines:

“Punish the robber, save the sufferer (victim)

Be not a flood against the pleader!...

Doing justice is breath for the nose

Punish him who should be punished

And none will equal your rectitude

Does the hand-balance deflect?

Does the stand-balance tilt?

So that you may do wrong

Be equal of these three”. (Ancient Egyptian Lit by Miriam Lichtheim Vol 1 p175)

After the balance scales dropped from Paul’s eyes (understanding) in Acts 9:18. He would now have the law (righteousness) in his left and right hand (2 Cor 6:7). James would consider this Balance scale not whole, unbalanced and incomplete because he took out Deeds from Faith towards Love. This would make Paul a perfect candidate for the black Horse holding scales in his hands in Rev 6:5. The Black horse in Plato’s and ancient Egyptian writings takes defective souls to burn up their hearts in hell. You can’t be a Wolf in sheep clothes (Paul) and help be ravenous against the Jewish law at night then claim to see the Light and vision of Jesus in the day time.

Paul was deformed in his Love (Agape, Eros and Philia), because he cursed the Law of Moses saying it was a sin, Mocked the veil of Moses. Curse James, etal who disagreed with his Gospel (Galatians 1:8-9). Paul also wised those advocating circumcision would take the knife and emasculate themselves ( Galatians 5:1-12) taking the whole Penis away so that they wouldn’t have anything to debate about anymore. Paul plotted with Annas, the Herods and Romans in having James killed in 62AD. This story is told in the book of Acts with James name being substituted as Stephen. With all of this said Paul states that after his contact with Jesus in a vision in the late 30’s or 40’s he no longer “inwardly Burned” (2 Cor 11:25-29). This meaning he no longer had Hot rebuke (Psalm 6:1) or a Hot-Heart (Psalm 39:1-13). We are supposed to avoid being Hot-tempered (Proverbs 22:24) towards non-friends and enemies.

I’ve read ancient Egyptian poetry and Law and a Hot-heart person was an unreasoning uncontrolled person who had a tendency towards sinful acts. In the Justice system in Egypt you went to court and recited 42 sins that you didn’t do. # 25 said you didn’t burn in angry towards sinners. Paul said he didn’t burn inwardly but his deeds were just the opposite.

Good and bad Hearts in the Bible and in Egypt

1.Quiet-Heart was Good =Osiris and part of the context in Psalm 39

2.Bent-heart was bad in Egypt and the Bible see undivided heart in Ezekiel 11:18-20

3.Cold heart is a Soul that’s dead not yet burnt in Egypt up Proverbs 25:20

4.Heavy –heart tilted the Balance scale in Egypt equivalent in Proverbs 31:6

5.Heart-matches Tongue also see Psalm 39 goes hand in hand with Quiet heart

6.Peaceful-Heart good in both

7.Forgetful Heart is bad in Both Egypt and Bible

8.Warm-heart is good in both

9. Hard-heart is bad in Both

10. A balanced Heart is good in both.

Those thinking they can have faith in one had and have no works in the other hand will find himself wanting and being an Empty man that the James crew described Paul as being. Victims of sinners like James followers would have complained and pleaded in a similar manner we saw in the poetry of the peasant to the magistrate Judge. Maybe justice would have arrived in the form of a White Horse coming in to tame and rein in the Black horse who deflected and tilted his understanding of the balance scales of Love and justice.

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