Black Poetry : a note to Destee

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
My dear beautiful Sister Destee,

I reach my hand towards you
to give you your flowers:flowers:
I love you yes I do
and you and what you do
are so very necessary
with open palms raised high
I praise you
for giving us
all these many years
a safe and respectful place
to commune and communicate
our ideas thoughts emotions and love
and I pray you are wrapped in peace
as you continue your journey
Beloved! :hearts4:


Ohhhhhhh Sister .... YAAAAAAAAAY Me! .... :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: ... :love:

I was finna go to bed, logging out I saw my name ...

What?! Wait?! Sister @TotalView is talking to you! Me!! :D

Ohhhhh Sister, what a pleasant way to end a day.

I am so honored. I Love You! Thank You!

For communing and communicating here with us ... :love:

We are all the more blessed because of your choice ... :cheerleader:

I was thinking recently, but often anyway, how it really does take all of us.

No one of us is enough alone, to do the task(s) before us.

I am sooooo honored ... :yaay: .... :yaay: ... :yaay:

I'm finna sleep like a baby, with a big ol' smile on her face ... :love:

Thank You Beloved!



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Destee wrote on I_AM_HER's profile.
Peace and Blessings Beloved! Welcome Home! :yaay: :yaay: :yaay:
Please Ask God to bless me in finances and better circumstances. I'm trying to move forward with my life and a better career. I need prayer warriors out there to save a prayer for Clifford. I was staying with my folks during my time of studies