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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What is the Conscious other than a component of the Mind Process where Life action is recorded and is acted upon, it is not some physical organ of the body, it is a mental action that affect the Life body action of awareness, and it is a spontaneous Mental action that does guide and affect your Life action of decision making.

    So contrary to what you have been taught about the Conscious by the Human Being, I urge you to question what they have taught you about your Conscious Life, because there is no such thing of acting without conscious.

    The Conscious is guided by the Sense Mind coordination, that which guide your life body, so any act by you, has to pass through that sense Mind process, regardless of your ability to remember your action, because you See, the Mind can erase as well as record, but that does not mean that you can act without conscious, now I know this may defy the common standard of Psychological teaching by the Human Being.

    So it is not the Conscious that condemn your action, it is your subconscious that do the Condemning and when your subconscious does not Condemn you, then you become the victim of your conscious state of Mind, and today, Black People only act on the conscious Level of their Mind, because in no way will the Subconscious allow a People once were in control of all levels of the Mind ability to process Life events, would allow the state of the Life of Black People, you that it is today, experience your decline consciously so, until the Life of Black people, is that of a people with a non-condemning conscious.

    So if your Subconscious does not Condemn your action in Life, then you find your self in the workshop of your Conscious state, it being the workshop of a Devilish Spirit, an evil that is not self condemning.

    It is the Subconscious Level that is the Mental Esoteric of your Life, a Dimensional Level of the Mental process that evade and transcend the Sensual aspect of your Body Life, a Mental Spiritual ( attitudinal behavior ) Level it is, where the intuitive Nature of your Soul - Mind, interact without the interference where your Conscious Sensual Life physical involvement is a factor.

    So Black People today, living under the condition we now live, and is now in a comfort zone in our oppression, where we are treated as invisible people without respect and is given cause for us to not have any self-respect, such a Non-condemning Conscious, produce the Spirit of a People that now work in the Devil Workshop, acting Devilish toward each other and having no respect for the Divinity of Freedom.

    Today, Black People Live consciously without Condemnation in a Life state that is Killing us Black people, both Physically and Mentally, yet when warned about the status of our Spirit we now express toward each other and in life in general, we grow irritated and become disgruntle, all because Black People can not bring themselves to believe that we have been made to be such a big fool of, while we with our own permission, looked at the decline of our Black Life, without a Subconscious Condemnation, because we have been made to function only on the Conscious Level, where there is no Conscious Condemnation, just Conscious approval of our Life state of present condition.

    The Proof of what I am sharing with you, that it is Divinely True, whether you like it or not, or acknowledge this self conscious level we now live, or not, I invite you to behold the state of Afrika and the State of Living which the Black World has been placed in today, and you tell me, that is all right with you continuously and your inaction verify that it is ?

    Beloved, the fact of the proof and the condition of the level of conscious state, the Black world now function, prove that Black people live without conscious self condemnation, and yes, the Black World become evidence of the fact that Black People now today, Function under a Non-Condemning Subconscious, Consciously blocking the action of our Subconscious Esoteric state of Soul awareness, that Esoteric Level that condemn all evil and false premises that have been constructed on the Conscious level to control the Lives of Black so call Afrikan People today, you who once Wore the Mind that reflected your Divinity, but not no more, not today.

    When your Subconscious Condemn you, then you go into Action to correct the Errors made in your Life, but today, Black People live a life on the Conscious level without Condemnation of the Spirit we put on display today, yet you pretend to wonder why it is our Lives are in such Misery, without Justice and Freedom to Live Independently on this Planet.

    There will be no Divine Change to come to Black People as long as we remain satisfied to Function under a Mental Level with a Condition that does not Condemn, just render excuses for the state of affairs of our black so call Afrikan Lives.

    Freedom will come back to the Black World only when your subconscious will no longer allow you to live comfortable in your Misery, while you pretend that your Life is Ok, with you.

    So to become qualified to point out the Black Misery does not almost Mean it is to imply that the one doing the pointing is Free of the Same Misery, it just mean that the Condemning of our present Spirit must begin with us Black folks, and though your Trinity of Evil ( Vain Ego, Envy, and Jealousy ) may cause you to rebel, the Divine Truth about the Black Spirit Remain undaunted and unaffected by the rebellious against the Divine Truth, you that is now revealing our Brand New Nature of the Human Being, you who was once of the Nature of a Divine Being.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism