Black Poetry : a new start

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    week 1

    what is it about you
    got a me actin' all childish
    i wanna call
    but wont dial
    i want to talk
    and see your smile
    i stare at yo pics
    and wait fo an email from u
    to come my way
    even my flow
    had turned on me
    **** boy
    u got a girl writin' all elementry

    week 2

    okay now some composure
    i finally got
    i think i can hold myself together
    but now my stomach is in knots
    cause of your presence
    which i am finally in
    it aint too bad
    cause this feeling is worth givin' in
    giving into your convo i mean
    cause u respect the fact
    that i pride myself in being me
    which aint da average
    so u know week 2
    is just too **** soon
    but i am feelin' u and i cant lie
    i just dont know how much more of you i can handle
    i mean i feel all new again
    and like all da other **** dont matter
    as if my heart had neva know hurt
    only da joy dat u bring it
    which sings out "our" names
    i love this feeling you've given to me
    after this nothing will be the same
    now i know betta
    and will neva accept less
    i give this thanks to you
    and nobody else
    it is like u came to me
    from some heavenly sky
    as if da angels sent you to fly to me
    under da midnight sky
    that we lay under
    oh did i forget to mention
    it is has now been a month
    and man is he da love of my life
    or what!
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    indeed u under a spell
    a love that dewell in yo heart
    don't stop
    don't turn away
    continue anyway
    soon ya whispers of call
    will be heard in likes of
    lovely words

    keep da faith & trust within