Omowale Jabali

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Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
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Isaiah said:
This article examines the influx of Latino workers(Mexicans, legal and illegal)into New Orleans following Katrina...


This should not be surprising. These are the cheap labor construction workers which will be used to replace what was largely a Black underclass, many of which were unemployed and residing in high crime, poverty stricken areas.

Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist

It must be remembered that prior to the Spanish-American war there was a much larger "Latin" population in the Orleans parish.

There was a New Orleans connection to Vera Cruz and the term "Creole" itself is a Latin term.

I have many articles on this but they are in my geneaology files which I have not organized since relocating to Tejas.

Benito Juarez spent time in New Orleans and had strong ties to the Black/African population. Many Black migrated to Mexico and supported the Revolution at Juarez' request. A number settled at Sinaloa, then later Vera Cruz.

Vera Cruz and New Orleans at one time were important trading ports which received a considerable amount of shipping prior to Louisiana becoming a state within the union.

Dual Karnayn

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Nov 5, 2005
I don't blame the Mexicans, they see an opportunity and are taking advantage of it.

The funny part is Black people were specifically WARNED that they were trying to wipe them out and bring Mexican replacements in.

Just like it was CONFIRMED that the levees were bombed.

Just like that 64 year old educated brutha was SHOWN being beaten by racist cops.

But again, in all these incidences most Black people took no action and just continued grinning, partying, and fighting among themselves as usual.

Perhaps Mexicans SHOULD take over the city and replace us if the Black people there don't have enough sense to stand up and fight for what rightfully belongs to them.

I heard mayor Nagin and some other officals stress the importance of making sure Blacks in New Orleans retain power, but we have too many traitors and sympathizers in our ranks.

Just durning the Millions More Movement we had Black leaders talking about begging for friendship and inclusion with poor whites and Latinos....who don't care about us.


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Jun 21, 2005
Dual Karnayn said:
we had Black leaders talking about begging for friendship and inclusion with poor whites and Latinos....who don't care about us.
Yeah, whats up with those Black fools? I hear it over and over again that a unity with the poor whites will cause them to understand white power and make them defeat the machinery. What a load of BAT SQUEEZE. The poor white live in hope that there children will have easy opportunity too. They have no aims of seeing the damage white power does to them. Its like a football team. There are the players who get the millions and the fame. And there are the fans. How can one tell a fan of one team to come play for the opposite team? Isnt that studpidity of these confused black leaders at its finest?
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