A New Diet for Blacks?


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Dec 15, 2007
My aunt is a vegetarian and she gained alot of weight!
I love meat and I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian or vegan.
Everything in moderation.
Vegetarians donot look healthy to me as well.

Many vegetarians and vegans are not healthy, deciding to not eat meat or dairy does not make one healthier. The healthiest diet according to my research is raw food like vegetables, fruits, and nuts with occasional fasts and herbal cleanses. I also now realize diet has a lot to do with your mentality, thoughts, and emotions also. Its holistic!

There is a trend now to be vegetarian but still eat a bunch of potato chips, pizza, soy, donuts, and other insalubrious so called foods.

I just don't see the benefits in meat, even in "moderation" especially commercial meat which is saturated in all kinds of crazy stuff and negative energy laden in the blood. I do now understand eating is a psychological thing and to each his/her own.

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