Black Poetry : A Needless Intervention


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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
some days were better than others

[eve sighs]

she put down the letter

he’d eventually find another

then she picked up the sweater

it was pretty

maybe her mother was right

it was a waste of time to fight

[she calls her brother]


do you think Howard will be on the next flight?

peter :

i think there was a delay, he’ll be in New York City for at least another hour

eve :

thanks Peter

peter :

no problem

[on the set of Rush hour 4]

director :

do you really think he’s the right guy?

producer :

all I can say is that we should give him a try

director :

so where is he now?

[producer shrugs]

[at Bow Wow’s]

bow wow :

did Eve really make that vow?

[Jermaine nods]

[Bow Wow shaking his head]


[at the airport]

howard :

whew …. I need some chow

Quiznos could work

ah ….

[after paying for the food]

Chicken Carbonara …. Delicious

[while eating Howard thinks to himself]

this time away from Eve has been viscious

tourist#1 :

there he is

tourist#2 :

are you sure? he doesn’t look suspicious to me

tourist#1 :

oh that’s him alright

tourist#2 :

you’re being superstitious

tourist#1 :

are you telling me that all the claims we’ve heard are fictitious?

tourist#2 :

no but I do believe if he were a little more ambitious he would’ve …..

[grabs her hand]

tourist#2 :

honey, what are you .... ?

tourist#1 :

let’s go find out

excuse me sir

howard :

hey guys

tourist#1 :

is that nutritious?

howard :

i hope so

tourist#1 :

thanks for your time

[they hurry away]

howard :

what was that all about?

[around the corner]

you were right honey

[ his wife agrees]

just like Eve we took the wrong route

there’s no doubt

he loves her


eve & howard


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