Chief Elder Osiris : A Nation Without vision will Perish!!!

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    A Nation Without Vision Will Perish!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear you.

    What people upon the planet Earth today is without a vision that shows the way to freedom, a nation been divided and conditioned not to Think of themselves worthy to be free, just rather to believe in the fantasy of religious magic.

    Those people are those that have been label Black and Afrikan, and has been taught to believe that tribalism is an acceptable social structure for Black Afrikan people, a social disorder that assure Division and not unity to come to a people Black and Afrikan that once function in unity.

    Those Divine Beings now Black Afrikans, once was with a vision that revealed what the Divine essence is, what the meaning and purpose of the Universe and what their association is to those Divine Entity Dynamics that reveal the Divine truth about what the meaning and purpose of Life living, which is to know what God is and to live life in the Divine fullness of peace and joy.

    A people oppressed and is without a vision that will show themselves in a natural state of freedom, is a people that will perish, regardless of how much religion being claimed by such people.

    There is nothing that hold a nation to the obligation to the self of that nation, than freedom.

    Love being claimed to be the life interaction of a people that is claimed by those people, and they claim that love is suppose to be extended to everybody on Earth, because that is your religious belief and you have not freedom to serve as a foundation to support such a claim you make about love, which is that it must be extended to everybody, regardless of the quality of spirit expressed to and about you.

    Such an action of belief by a people been convicted by religion, is what have Black people without a vision that reveal to them the sacredness of freedom, which is supreme over all other emotional expression.

    Take for instance how fast and without question that Black people extend their sympathy and support to all people upon this planet claiming to be oppressed, doing so because to them that is the religious thing to do, without taking into consideration that life action of expression is deserving to be guided by the action of reap what you sow, and yet such an act of life does not apply to the Black Afrikan.

    Apparently the law of reciprocity does not apply to Black people, because we sow good and reap evil, and yet because of Black people through Brain washing into religion, we end up giving up excuses about the profane spirit expressed to Black people.

    It matter not how unreasonable and illogical the reason given that have Black people loving your enemy and has no vision of being free.

    So, that too, justify religious belief hoping that the ultimate good is to come to the lives of Black people, not in this life, which you are now living, but in a life religiously promised to you by religion god, which is what cause Black people to not have a vision of freedom that will be experienced by this Earthly Life we now live..

    A people who live a life of oppression and have no vision to be free, is a people who take pride in their oppression, believing the religious teaching that tell the religious believer that people who suffer in Christ is a people that will receive eternal promise of a life with god in Heaven.

    A people prevented from knowing what god is, is a people who have been made ignorant of thyself, and it is ignorance that have an oppressed nation of people who has no vision of being free, those people today, happen to be identified as Black Afrikan people.

    A nation without vision of freedom and is oppressed and kept in captivity, being prevented from enjoying the joy of life, is a nation that will perish.

    Today, the Black Nation perish for lack of a vision to be free, yet give unquestionable support to others who has a vision to be free, and they put such a vision into action, but not the Black Afrikan people.

    Beloved, you can rest assure that such a people without a vision to be free, is destine for destruction.

    Who in the world can the so call Black Afrikan depend upon in a revolution for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, yet you have other people in an act of revolution to be free, they know that they can count upon Black people support as they fight for their freedom.

    Black people, the most depressed and oppressed people being held in mental captivity, as well as physical confinement, and is in such a mental and life living condition for the lack of desire for freedom and justice to be enjoyed by the Black life, until there is no respect that is shown to such inaction to be free, and because of there being no evidence coming from Black people of having a vision seeing themselves free, and being not in control of their lives destiny, we can rest assure that the Black race is on a course to perish.

    Therefore, you could assume that Black people on this Earth has no complaint that warrant an action of revolution that would put us in pursuit of freedom, it being our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    So, the question is, why is it that Black people have no vision of freedom for ourselves.

    Well, I will share with you why, it is because it require a Divine Mind to exercise a vision showing the need to be free by people who are not free, and if you have not the control of your mind, then those who have a mind that they do not control, they will be victims of a mind that has no vision of freedom for themselves.

    Today, Black people live under a mind that determine the dream imagination that is to be projected by the mind under control by the oppressors of those people, Black people who suffer because of a lack of vision, unable to see themselves free.

    Reciprocity is universal and Divine, the planets submit to the Stars and in return the stars allow the planets to move in an orderly fashion along the spherical path assigned to each of them by the stars.

    So, why is it that the Black Afrikan is always in violation of the natural order of things, running behind those who have not the quality of a story that verify the Divinity of the Beings that have now been made to become Black Afrikan Human beings, an identity that verify a people been made to be without a vision to be free.

    But, everybody claiming oppression, they have the support of those Brand new Black Afrikan Human Beings, with a mind that determine an act with a spirit that verify that the Mind of Black people is not desirous for freedom for ourselves.

    The brand new Black Afrikan is without the Mind of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, we now carry a mind that is incapable of projecting a vision of freedom for Black people.

    So, Woe Is unto Black People Who has not a vision to be free.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder Osiris
    [email protected]