Black Muslims : A Muslim Woman Near-Death Experience

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    About the Author

    Azmina's book A Passage to Eternity gives us a glimpse into the world of spirituality. It describes the intricate process that a soul passes through as it marks its trajectory towards its ultimate merging with the Almighty.

    The first chapter sets the stage for the author's remarkable experience as she falls ill and is subsequently admitted into Disney's Celebration Health Hospital within days of her arrival to Florida. Azmina falls into a coma and undergoes a profound out-of-body experience which draws her into spiritual dimensions. Interestingly enough, the chapter is entitled "The Journey Home" - as it hints to the reader that he/she is truly estranged from his/her real home which lays await beyond the dimension of physical form.
    Hoping to escape reality and plunge into the trappings of a magical kingdom, Azmina and her family arrived at Florida's Disney World resort. But Azmina had no idea that the "Magic Kingdom" she was about to visit was not fashioned by earthly designers working under the tutelage of Mr. Walt Disney. She was destined to visit a place forged by the Spiritual Architect of the great beyond Himself.