Black Poetry : A Mother's Love: To My Lil' Girl


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Oct 21, 2005
My dear sweet love, I prayed for your birth for years,

gazing up at your photo, my burning eyes fill with tears,

remembering back to when you were born on the winter Solstice, of 1997,

doctors placed you in my arms, conehead and all, a gift from heaven,

the 5 hour crying,:baby: stanky diapers and all, **** was that off the hook,

post-partum baby blues:cry: , sleepless nights, i found relief in a Bell Hooks book,

now i'm glad to see you'll be entering a new life cycle in December,

the princess room, numerous questions, non-sharing..... I'll always remember,

funny how your birthday and conception date coincide the awaited saviour,

saved me from a life of selfishness, now I'm on better behavior,

Airheads, candy necklaces, capri suns, you say they're all your favorite,

glitzy-glittery plastic high heels, and hula hoops I also used to play with,

my pretty little chocolate morsel, laughing as i spin you through the air,

glad mommy stayed home to bond with you, nothing else could compare,

you inspire yo crazy ol' mommy to aim for higher heights,

knowing you fall asleep with a bellyfull helps me sleep better at night,

the day you birth your seed makes me strive to stay alive,

keep up the good work, stay in school,You Go Girl, give mommy a ^5

:spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar: :angel1: :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar:

:tongue3: :birthday::tongue3:


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