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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    When I share information, I write with a desire that there be untold numbers of Black folks that visit these forums of self elation and grandeur, that are far more serious than many of us that participate on these forums, claiming to be of interest about Seeing Afrika and the Black World United again and those that never write but observe those of us that do, it be those Black folks that I be communicating to and in that mass Black Body of silent majority, I also desire that among them, there are Black Folks that really do work to regain the Divine Mind that originally came with this Black body and it be those Black Folks with a Mind and can do comparatively objective constructive Reasoning, I desire that there be such Black People observing what we write on these forums because, I know that which is given to me to share with the Black World, it be information that surpass and extend the information that the Human Beings have indoctrinated us with, in their books, therefore, that which I share can not be conveniently checked by going to the Human Being Racist Webster Dictionary, or their encyclopedia, or Goggle, or their Propaganda Schools of educating us how we are to believe about all that the Human Beings introduce to us, as being valuable information for us to become educated about.

    What I share in the way of Profound Divine Information, it carry a requirement for you to be in the motion of obtaining your Divine Mind back, because Divine information require that such a Mind must be of a Divine Quality. a Mind that does in action, perform Universal Reasoning, because you must see, that all Divine information is of a Universal Nature, the very Divine Truth and Reality of all things and it be from which the Divine Mind originates, and it is the Soul that make manifest the Mind, that which guide the Body, which verify that we were Black Divine Beings, once upon a Time, and must become again, that is if Afrika is to be reclaimed by Black People, and that Black People must become Reunited once again, such be the requirement, in order for the Black World to become Reunited again, as One Black undivided Nation.

    Now, to you Black people who write not in these forums, you with the ability to profoundly Reason, without the Human Being mind being your prop, your anchor, your chain that Dictate your belief, with all such Profanity serving as the foundation upon which all that is believed stand, to you Black People who do not serve as a Prisoner of the Human Being Mind, it be to you that I say unto you today, Black People, as I speak to you in writing today, you are the target to be annihilated, both Physical and Mentally, an action that has long been in progress and now is coming to a conclusion, if you do not Trust what I say concerning this matter, then Observe, without Looking, and See the present condition of the Black World and pay attention to what is happening to the Strength of the Black Nation, our Children, the born warriors of the Black World, and you black People do not know of our children what the Human Being know about our Children, which cause the Human Being to have declared War upon our Children, the Black warriors of the Black World and we Black folks know not of whom our Children are, yet such stand to reason, because the Black Divided World do not Know whom we are as Black People, an ignorance, capable of destroying an entirely Black Nation Completely.

    Black Woman And Man, you who be of the Silent Black Majority, desiring to obtain your Divine Mind, be not deceived by those of us that stand with a slick Tongue spewing Venom, claiming to be your Black Leaders, yet at the same Time, they have been given charge to lead you to your Black Death, as they pretend to be concerned about the Evil and Horrible Things that Evil is now acting out against the Young Black World, while us Black People have been mentally conditioned to become supporters of those that now attack our children, in the name of Law Enforcement, and Justice be without her Blind Fold, attacking our Children, because she need to see they that stand to represent the Demise of the Human Being Power and Authority over the Black World, and destroy them, as we Black Folks stand idly by serving to be our Enemy Cheer Leaders, how sad and ignorantly pitiful we Black People have been made to become, A Race Nation, Without Power and Authority, Living in an environment liken to be as quick sand under our Black Feet.

    Hear me Black world, you who has a Mind but do not Think constructively, you who have eyes but can not See for Looking, you who have ears but do not hear the scream of our Children and yet there you Black folks are, with a Tongue that poison the the Mind of our Children, telling them all of your Human Beings Lies that favor the Human Being, our children being encourage by you, not to blame the white man for the present condition our children are in, not to mention their Momma and poppa, yes they tell you black folks that you have never had it so good, not realizing that such a statement to Black People verify that they who make such a lying statement, they serve to verify that we Black folks do not know who in the hell that we are, not knowing the value in us Black People knowing whom we are, and that is why our First Way Ancestors instructed us Black folks to get about the Mental action of knowing our Black selves.

    There are those among us that participate on these forum that do not give a **** about Afrika and the Black People that identify with that Holy Land, they just come to show off their Human Being bought education, they have yet to be well Learned in the Mysteries of the Black Life and of the Universe and that of God, and when you are not well Learned in such Action, it serve to represent the Divine Information which has escaped a Counterfeit Human Being Mind, that which we now are in possession of, causing Black Folks to be without the Knowledge of Our Ancient Cosmic Black Divine First Way Ancestors, they that came not entangled in false doctrine of religion, they that never made claim to be of the Human Being Stock and they that never claimed to be Born in Evil ( Sin ) and shaped in iniquity ( Lies and Deception ), a Lineage we have long forgotten.

    I have informed you of a need for Black people to organize themselves into a National Militia, yet you are to blind, nor do you have the Mind and nor are you qualified to Hear the scream of the Time, that demand such Action by you, and this apply to all Black People, at Home and Abroad, those that serve to be the victims of the very government that lie in their claim of being there for your protection. again, how sad and pitiful we Black Folks have become, trusting in the Devil to save us from the Devil, they masquerading as Human Beings.

    Let Those With a Aspiring Divine Mind, Know and Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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