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    A Mind That Do Not Think Freedom Then Freedom Will Continue To Escape You

    By Chief Elder Osiris
    Beloved, you do not know me and neither do I know you and I hold only animosity toward those who knowingly Lie and mislead Black people, I have not the vanity of Ego, Envy and Jealousy toward anybody, I am confident in that I know, yet I do judge based upon the Spirit you project, because the Spirit is a clear reflection of your Mind and as a Mind so reveal your spirit so is the one that is displaying the Spirit and the spirit Black people display today, reflect the Mind that is not ready for Freedom for that Body Life that is revealing such a Hypocritical Spirit, pretending to be one way when the Mind is verifying the way you Truly are, and that is with a Mind that has no desire to be Free.

    Beloved if you do not Think Freedom then Freedom will continue to escape you and it is Reparation/Repatriation that Represent Black Folks Freedom and it take a Free Thinking Mind To Know And Understand that which is so Divinely True.

    But you see, it is the religious nonthinking Mind that Rebuke Reparation because in such a shallow believing Mind, it is Jesus that is the sole Representative of Freedom for Black People and as long as you believe such a doctrine, you will remain with the living condition that a no Freedom Thinking Mind will have you to believe such a condition should be acceptable to you Black people, a condition of life living that Black people now are experiencing and it ain't freedom.

    It is the Black Foolish Mind that condemn Reparation, an explicit show of Disrespect toward our Enslaved Ancestors, A mind that does such a thing to disrespect our Enslaved Ancestors, the true representative of Reparation, is a Mind of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being Oppressors, which such a Black Mind now worship and is now not to be trusted.

    Only when the Mind is ready will freedom appear, so as long as Black people have been without freedom, it serve as a testimony that Black people major problem is our Mind and the way we disrespect such a revealing and powerful member of the Body economy.

    It has been Myriads of Time since Black people have been in the use of our Divine Mind, meaning, being qualified to Profoundly Reason Rationally with the use of Logic when seeking the Divine Truth about what Happen to the Black Life and why is it continuing to happen, and the Happening is the way Black people now live their Body Life, a life living that is wreck with pain, oppression, depression and a lost of the ability to do creative Thinking, a sure handicap when in need of Freedom for your Body Life to live.

    You can not treat your Body Life with respect when you no longer have control of your ability to Think, it take a very determine and wise Mind to know what is best to allow to flow through the corridors of your Mind, and when the Mind is full with Trash and Garbage, which is believing your way through life, then in no way will Freedom reside in the presence of such vile and defile company that reside in a Mind that does not Divinely Think.

    What is Divine Thinking? Well, it is opening your Mind with you in control of it and be able to Reason profoundly about the events that approach your life, and to be able to be Rational about the reason those events are occurring in your life, and to be with the use of Logic when determining the Rational Reason as to why such events are affecting your life as they are, and being qualified to reach a logical conclusion what you must do to free your body life living from such events that is adversely having an effect upon your life, doing so in such a way until you no longer have respect for the way your life is being disrespected by you and by others.

    Having no respect for your Body life is a clear sign that your Mind is not ready to take your body into freedom, a freedom of Mind that will not allow you to mistreat your body life by pretending that all is well in your life, having you to believe that your life is not deserving of being Free, and that freedom is to take place when Jesus Come to save your no Thinking Black Behind.

    Black people lives can be in the most devouring environment that a life is not suppose to suffer, yet because Black people do not any longer function with a Mind that demand respect and freedom for your Body life, the Black Body Life end up in the lowest of the Black life living condition, freedom never enter the Mind of Black people, but Jesus does, this fantasy being the shackle of the Mind that have a once Mighty Black World believing that it is Godlike to have the Black life to suffer hardship, all because the Mind of Black people are not the Mind that came with that Black body.

    When The Mind Is Ready, Freedom Will Appear and not before, and the proof of that being the case as for as Black people are concern, is the fact not in Thousand of years have Black people body life been qualified to experience the Freedom of Living, because it is as the quality of your Mind, is what your Body life living reflect, and today, Black people Mind reflect the belief about ourselves that verify that Freedom is no where in the processes of the Mind we Black people now convey to ourselves and to the World.

    A nonthinking Mind is a Mind without Divine Discipline and a Mind that is not discipline to Think is a Mind that believe anything without factual evidence to support it and will end up saying all sorts of irrational things with the belief of appearing to be so intelligent, and never do such a believing mind deal with the fact that the Black Body Life is meant to live Freely without any of Lucifer invoked habits of applied oppression, suppression, repression, and acts of applied injustice against the body life living of Black people, you who have been living without your Divine Mind in action in your lives for millenniums.

    A believing irrational and illogical Mental process is a Mind that been calibrated to mislead the body life of Black people, a people who no longer know the Method of using Reasonable, Rational, and Logical Thinking in order to reach a justified conclusion concerning what you are Thinking about, which verify the Divine Truth of the matter thought about.

    Such a methodical use in Thinking, reveal those principles to be the the attributes of Freedom, principles that require you to Think Divinely, your way through life and not to believe your way through life.

    Because if you do, then you have nothing to See and all to look forward to, is the way you now live your Body life.

    Any Black Life that make claim that the Black life is in a wonderful position to experience the Joy of Life, is a Black life that live a life as a liar and deceiver to the self of that Black life, because Life is only Wonderfully lived only when it is lived Freely and the Mind Black people operate with today, is the Mind of their oppressors, and coming from such a Mind, is not thoughts of being Free but of faith that life will get better for the Black Life, a life hung up on progress instead of Freedom, a goal that only a Divine Mind, set for the Black Body Life to live.

    A Mind that is embedded in Body Trouble and all that Mind can believe it must do is to fall down on its knees and pray to Jesus or to use other Religious Symbology that point you away from yourself, is a Mind destined to forever be in bondage and never to experience Freedom in this Body Life experience, and you take such hardship upon the Body Life As being a Natural process to living the Body life, revealing that such a Body life Mind is without the qualification to know that the Body Life is meant to live Free, but only Black people been made to believe otherwise concerning freedom, and you suffer because of the Black people ignorance about ourselves and the purpose of that Divine Body Temple which house the life you place in it, your life being your Mind action.

    A Mind that does not know the need to pursue Freedom when been captured and been led to believe that freedom will come to your Black life only in Heaven with Jesus, is a Mind without the qualification to Divinely Think, because such quality of thoughts will in fact let you know how ignorant you appear to the world, and it is a ignorant people that is open to become somebody slave, without opposition, and no other people fit that description other than Black so call Afrikan people.

    Freedom is the Utopian of Life, without it, you cease to know the Divine Meaning of Life, and from the Top you did come and the Top you should strive to be again, because the Black Life was in fact designed to be Free, and when it is not, then you are other than your Black selves, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved? You wonder why it is that I constantly present to you my Book, Divine Spirituality, well, because in that Book is the food that will give you the fulfilling desire to be Free, and it tell you what you must do to live a Life of Freedom.

    So those of you who have no problem with your Life being Free, then the Links below will take you where you need to go, to begin your Freedom journey.


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