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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, the only Truth and Reality is that which has happen to you, action of happening and events that affect your Life is the only Reality you can be certain about in this Life.

    Now, having said that, it is pitiful when so call Afrikans make the statement that you are only concerned about the problems that are affecting your Life and nobody else, as if one Black so call Afrikan problem is different from the other so call Afrikan and to believe as that, serve as a sign that your Divine Mind has been breached and you operate with a Mind that is disconnected from the Life of the Black World and the disconnection is the reason why Afrika and the Black World is in the condition it is in today, because you have compromised your Divine Mind in favor of the Human Being Mind and that Mind is good for nothing but to show up Black People to act as a Foolish people and the evidence of our foolishness is the present condition of Afrika and the Black World today, which serve as evidence that the Black Divine Mind of Black People has been breached and the disconnection is what have us acting and behaving as we do today.

    A breached Black Mind is of no advantage to Self and if not to self, it most certainly is no advantage to the Black World, in changing the condition of Afrika and the Black World.

    Most all Black so call Afrikans operate with a Mind that has been breached and all of the so call Afrikan Leaders in Afrika with the exception of a few, serve to be an enemy to Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans, it is a Foolish Afrikan that would entertain the belief because we no longer Think anymore, to allow the people that have proven to be no friend to Afrika and her people, to allow them to set up Military Command Posts over Afrika, such a move of approval by so call Afrikans Leaders is the act of a Fool and a Black Divine Mind that has been breached and no longer has the Mental Capacity to Reason logically and Divinely anymore, and that is why Afrika and her people are so divided today and that division will never allow Afrika to be reunited with a United Black so call Afrikan People.

    So it is, with the so call Afrikan in America, now referring to ourselves as Afrikan Americans and is loving every moment of it, a sign that the Mind of the so call Afrikan American has been breached and now is an enemy to Afrika and the Black World, all Black so call Afrikan People Mind has been breached and no longer is qualified to see the error of our ways in Life, though there be some today, now committed to reconnecting with our Divine Mind.

    All of the Afrikan American so call Black Leaders Mind is in a breached mode, making them to be an enemy to the need for the Afrikan in America Liberation, all of the so call Afrikan American entertainers, Actors, Religious Leaders and their Followers, all of the so call Hip Hoppers, all of the Black Media Hosts, All of the so call Academic Professors and Teachers, All Black Folks, with the exception of the Few that is in motion to changing the way we now believe, in order to be able to Think Divinely again, all of our Minds have been breached and now everything we do, serve to be an enemy to Reparation, Freedom, Independence, receiving of Divine Justice and the sovereignty of the Black Life, and Afrika, and you wonder why it is that our Children is dying faster than the Elders amongst us, how pitiful and foolish the Black World is today, all because we now operate with a Mind that has been breached and that Mind is no longer Divine but is the Mind of the Human Being.

    Case and point, the Breached Mind that Black so call Afrikans wear today will not allow the Black so call Afrikan to disconnect from referring to ourselves as Human Beings, even when the Human Being has told what it mean to be Human and you Afrikans are victims of the Human Being Attitudinal Behavior toward the Black World, yet you once Black Divine Beings are Hell bent on identifying ourselves with a Liar and Deceiver, so much so, we have perfected the Emulation of the Human Being until we with our Breached Mind, has become as the Human Being, A Liar and Deceiver that can not be Trusted, wearing a Breached Mind that cause you to become Immune to the Divine Truth and an Enemy unto yourselves, as so call Black Afrikans, In Afrika, in Europe, in Asia and throughout the Middle passage Diaspora.

    The so call Black Afrikan act as if a God in Heaven has descended the term Human Being upon us and no matter how vivid it is that we are not Human Beings, we Black Folks can not bring ourselves around to Acknowledge that there were a Time when we were Divine Beings, which mean Living in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Universe, therefore amongst ourselves, throughout the Universe, which include this Universe Body, referred to as Planet Earth, as has been so named by the Human Being.

    We Black Folks act as if before the Human Being Arrived in our Presence we were Nothing and we knew nothing, which mean that we believe because we do not Think, that what the Human Being described us to be when he first saw us is the gospel Truth, we eat the Human Being Theory of Evolution with pride and without question, so that is why we act so appreciative to the Human Being, because when our Divine Mind became Breached we became as Black so call Afrikan Zombies, following the Trail of our oppressors, they that did perform a Lobotomy upon the Mind of a once Divine Black Beings who no longer can bring ourselves around to address ourselves as our Divine Cosmic Black First Way Ancient Ancestors so Lived, and as you Live, is the way you become, and that become your mean of self identification.

    So I guess Black Folks referring to ourselves as Human Beings is now an appropriate identity, because we have become such a vicious Liar and Murderer of our own, as the original Human Being is, and every time we address ourselves as Human Beings we give consent to our present attitude and behavior and amongst Black people that feel comfortable in our Brand New Human Being Mind, it only serve notice that the Black Divine Mind has been Breached and Black folks have been made to be an Enemy unto ourselves. A Divine Truth And Reality We Have Become Immune to acknowledging.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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    Example of a Dead Horse*


    What happens when you whip a "Dead Horse"? The answer is "Nothing"! Some one said that you can't make a person do what they don't want to do even if what they are doing is "Wrong" or "Stupid"...hence Krack addiction, false worship, volunteer slavery etc.

    How has never taken every one to do a thing...but "Only" enough to get the job done. The job to speak to the "Minds" that will hear the "Call" and the "Mercy" of the so-called "African" or rightly called Kemetic "Ancestors" who have left to "Us"...their children what we must know and understand to "Liberate" ourselves.

    There are those who will surly say right here..."Well if our ancestors knew so much...why didn't they save them self? This is the question of a person who is not "Thinking"! But is looking for an excuse to remain "Ignorant" and "Blind".

    The ancestors were and still are "Free"...they were never all captured by the "Invaders"...they remain what they always have been..."The Original Black People of the Earth" who gave the world "Civilization" and are giving "Us" their "Children" who became "Lost" and "Spoiled" the opportunity to "Regain" our Lost Knowledge of Self "if" we would just listen to those who are here to "Point the way back Home". The Kemetic "Ancestors" are the "Only" chance for us to return home and re-capture our "Spirituality".

    Kemetic proverb: When the student is "Ready the "Master" will appear"*

    This means a Spiritual Master...persons who master Self...who "Knows Self" and Honors those who went before that deserves that "Honor and Respect"......The (your) Ancestors!

    "Honor your Mothers and your Fathers so that your Days may Be Long"

    The mothers and fathers to the so-called African Amerikkkans can only be found in one place on "This" planet! That is in MA`AT/Medu Neteru...that is our "Lost" Spirituality and not the worship of (indo-europeans/scripter) of any kind by the system of white superimacy...that will not ever allow us Liberation from it!


    Note: We must recapture our Spirituality