Black Sports : A Million Ways To Die In The Westbrook; Changes should be on the horizon in OKC.

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    Russell Westbrook is a cigarette of a point guard. He's an addictive 6-4 ball of flames to watch, but toxic to use in excess and comes packaged in a complicated reputation which includes a warning to your offense's health.... He needs a nicotine patch of a coach

    He hurles himself forward at breakneck speeds and leaves behind a trail of exhaust flames on his jaunts to the rim. However, he can be oblivious to the whiplash inflicted on teammates by his no-holds-barred psychology.

    One day you want to quit Westbrook because of how detrimental he is to Kevin Durant’s production and the Thunder’s bottom line.

    The next day you’re jonesing for a light.

    He matriculates through the lane with the lithe quickness of Peter Parker's Spiderman, but his lack of F’s to give about a game plan and ornery attitude is more comparable to Will Smith’s Hancock.

    He’s a super athletic mass of kinetic energy that's half-inebriated off his own talent, driving down the lane with no disregard for the presence of mere mortals. However, even when his stat line is heroic, there is often collateral damage left in his wake. One second, he’s a beloved figure and the next, his head is on everyone's mental trading block.

    Basketball coaches have a popular saying which Westbrook ignores that whittles down to, ‘Be quick, but don’t hurry’.

    Westbrook runs the floor like an impatient curmudgeon who experiences the world in slow motion and tires of moving at a regular pace.

    If you hurry through anything, you’ll miss the nuance. As physically gifted as Westbrook is, the byzantine aspects of being the floor general escape him. His internal compass guides him to explode towards the rim like a heat-seeking missile, but Westbrook displays the tactical prowess of a tic-tac-toe novice.

    Westbrook’s fly by the seat of his pants tendencies makes his partnership with Durant that much more unique.

    Durant is the picture of efficiency for a wing scorer, who went so far as to employ a personal statistician to help him identify his strengths and weaknesses. The pair have had their quarrels, however, there are enough dissertations on their complicated relationship to fill a library.

    Scott Brooks and Westbrook’s synergy is rarely examined.

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    A Million Ways To Die In The Westbrook

    Changes should be on the horizon in OKC.