Black Poetry : A Mile A Minute

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    A Mile A Minute

    Speak fact lyrically and launch attacks physically my muscles flow
    Like Russell Crowe in Gladiator a mad creator my hustles glow
    My flow spread like dough for bread yall go ahead and
    Eat this, winner that post flow, my innermost toe let me stand
    Cats surrendered their spot stuff like an unhindered shot
    From the foul line my style is designed like a free throw hot
    And fantastic yall we’re playing basketball like Lebron we plot
    To win, cats head and brain remind me of a bed frame they sit
    Legit in the middle of the floor get laid on as mattress misfits
    In the fog with ambition and like a **** dog exhibition try
    Bark a lot and mark my spot when I piss on trees then cry
    And howl like a wolf, carried pistols all my life and like small
    Crystals of ice my heart is cold when I start to scroll all my tall
    Rhymes, use cats to my advantage while my stats do mad damage
    To my archive and still march alive in my file folder then manage
    To write essays and type on the best days, sometimes drop a romantic
    Post from the Atlantic coast facts prevail like a black whale never panic
    Now holding a big bag with zigzag markings like a brown snail founded
    Mail inside letter addressed to me oh **** its a bill overdue being clowned
    About my pathetic retard credit card indeed strong and need a loan bounded
    And gagged wearing a dew-rag face friction they wanna place restrictions
    On my paycheck which stay wrecked by paying bills now a dang eviction
    Notice came, this pressure is so false and whack being ran off track
    Like a derailed train, got new chapters selected a crew of rappers exact
    For a detailed task so hail to the cash we make now known as crafters with an act
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    man well said here ....speak on bruh !