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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Many Time you no doubt have heard these words, " The World Is About to come to An End ", have you not? well then after so many Time has past, you have grown immune to such a statement, so much so until those who now make such a claim, you immediately label them as crack pots, well so be it, but such a statement I am not about to make about the world in general, as you know my primary concern is about the Black world and this is to whom this message is for and about.

    So I am safe in sharing with you what I am about to share with you and yes, it is about the state of the physical and Mental condition of the Black World and what is about to happen to us, if we do not get about the action of reclaiming our Divine Mind and it is because of the fact that the Black World no longer function in our Divine Mind which is our original Mind, most Black people who read this Message will not be able to take it serious because you will not be able to understand this message because in order to be able to understand what I am about to share with you the requirement of you is that you must have come into the knowloedge of What God Is, The meaning and Purpose Of The Universe and Most Certainly, The Knowledge Of Whom you Black People are, You making up the Trinity of Divine truth and reality in this Life dimension in the physical illusion Universe, Illusion meaning that which come and go and is not everlasting on this life Dimension, be you or it that is animate or inanimate..

    I invite the Black world to Look at the Black World, because most Black people are blind and can not see, but to those of you that can See, let us all observe the Attitude and Behavior of the Black World today and I ask of you, is not what you See and is Looking at is in grave Trouble, even unto Death, both Physical and Mentally?

    Such a reply to that question require for the Black world to be Divinely honest in your reply and if you are, then I know that you See and is Looking at what I See and your answer has to be and emphatic YES! to my question.

    So I ask, how do you suppose that the Black world got into such a condition, or is it your belief that such a condition is common place for the Black world and that condition is the way God is punishing Black People, because we are inheritantly Evil, is that your Belief ?

    Well if that is not your belief then I know you are not a believer but a Thinker and by being a Thinker, then I know that Religion is not your Santuary of confinement and the Human Beings are not your Warden and it is to you I can communicate with and also those among us who might be having second thought about your religious connection in this evil world.

    Who are you Black Woman and Man?

    How many of the members of the Black world can honestly answer that question without feeling guilty and I say that because of what I know of how Religion has taught Black People to believe about our Black selves and has coached the Black world to acquire a Brand New Identity, it being that of a Afrikan Human Being, those people that confess to be Sinful and Evil and have proven to the Black world to be so, by the way they have conquered and acted and behave toward Black People, which only verify whom they have confessed to be, which is Human Beings and not Divine beings, an expressed Difference between the Two beings, yet the Afrikan has now confessed to be in relationship with those people that came to this planet confessing to be Human Beings.

    So what do we have here, concerning Two Ethnic Groups that are as different as Day is to Night, yet day has its Life because of Night, so it is with the Human Beings who assume their value by the presence of the Divine being and that value rise in term of cost no higher than the Evil of the Human Beings, a cost that has cost an entire black World to lose their Divinity, it being in the Divine Reality of the Perfect Night.

    Long ago in a distant galaxy residing in a Star System, there reside a Civilization of People whose phenotype is as Black as the Ethreal universe, it being the Perfect Night, that which is the Shadow of the eternal Infinite Essence of the Intelligence which we refer to as Energy, IT being the GOD that Cause and Reveal all things to be in the Physical Illusion World, revealing a process of coming and going that extent into the Eternal Infinite divine Essence, a presence that need not explain Its Where Abouts, Nor make claim to Its action, yet the Evidence reveal the presence of all things that occupy the physical Illusion Universe, a Reality that is in a constant motion of coming and going, yet the Ethereal Universe Maintain its Divine Reality by The Existence of the Perfect Night, in which all things that Are Not, Become All Things That Are, Proving there is no such Thing as Nothingness, when All Things Reside in the presence of the Eternal Divine Infinite Essence.

    There came a Time when those Beings in the Far Away Star System, travelled to the Newness of a Solar System Whose Energy it receive come from the Star system of the People that came to this Solar System we now occupy, yet others as well from other Star system within the same Galaxy did travel to this solar system as well, but not before the people whose Phenotype wore the Coat of the Perfect Night had arrived and had established a divine Civilization on a Planet in that Brand New Solar system, now referred to as Earth Planet.

    Never did Our First Way Ancestors attempt to establish a Doctrine of Man responsibility to God or God Responsibility to man, nor did our First Way ancestors had the need to explain the existence of God and the Life of the Universe, such would have constituted an institution of Religion, becauise all Religions thrive off of a Doctrine created by Man and not The God Essence, so by the presence of our Divine Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, they being of a period that to them require no concept of time, because to them all Things flows with the Divine Action causing all to be relative to the other within the same sphear of action, so their Theology was about being Divine in all of Life Action and by being so, the knowledge and understanding of That which cause all Action to be will become Manefest by the Divine Process of thought, which Reveal Life relationship to the Physical Universe and the Physical Universe ability To be by the divine Reality of the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence, whose Shadow Is The Perfect Night, the Eternal Infinite Action In Unending Existence, such is the Foundation of the Divine Black Beings Theology concerning the Action of Life in Relation To The God Essence.

    Now, because of the Lost of the Divine Crown by the Black once Divine Beings, such a Lost caused the Black Being to become Subjects of the Human beings, they that serve as being the anthisis to the divine Black Beings, verifying the Divine Universal Principle Of Opposites, One Nature being of that which is Divine and the other Nature being of that which is Human, One Action Flow in The Cycle Of harmony, Order, And Balance and the other Action Flow in a Linear Motion, claiming to be the god of Disharmony, Disorder as they maintain an Imbalance in the Action of their Flow.

    So now, in this Day and the Human Being Concept of time, the Black Once Divine Being, now represent a World that is without the Knowledge of Whom we are and have been influenced to become a Violation of the Divine Order of the Universe, now we live in the moment whereby all things less than Divine the Black World make claim to, as we impersonate the Life Habits, Attitude and Behavior of the Human Being, they which have confessed to be a vicious Liar and Deceiver to the Black World and they have succeeded in trading places with what once was a Divine Black World.

    So Now, The once Black Divine Black Beings now Religiously confess to be the Human Beings, taking on all of their Traits and the Human being have assumed the identity of the once Black Being, maintainig themselves with the Knowledge stolen from a once divine Being so in essence, the Human Being has become the Black Being and the Black Being has become the Human Being, one by the Knowledge stolen and the other by the habits practice.

    Now you have the so call Afrikan despising all that is Divine or is attempting to belittle a Divinity Lost Forgotten and the end result that come from such an imitation Black Being, happen to be what you are able to look at and See of the once Black World today, we now satisfied with anything that can be begged from the Human Being, while the Human Being turn Black, by acquisition of the Black Divine Knowledge, misusing it to gain control of the Black World and the world in general, as they now make claim to be Black and we now make claim to be Human.

    Since our Fall, all that the Black World has tried has failed, yes there has been mpmentairly ascension but then we return back to a descended state of Living the Human Being Life, yet when come the period of the Black Life whereby an Ark of Deliverence has come, you have the rooted Human Being Afrikan coming before the Black world speaking against the very action that has been given to saved the Black World, which is Reparation, Repatriation and Statehood for the Descendants of those Black People that went and endured the evil of the Human Being Chattel Slavery.

    It is the Afrikan Human Being Foolish Mind that attempt to disrespect the Sane among us Black People, by speaking ill about Reparation, yes I say and I do not step back not one Nano Inch, when I say that Reparation is the only action capable of saving the Black World and all claiming to be Black and is of the root of the Divinity that got us here, yet can not See the Sacredness entwined within the fabric of Reparation, Repatriation and Statehood in Afrika for the Children of the Middle Passage, then I must share with you by identifying the Foolish among us, they being now not able to See and no longer can Hear the Wailing of the Enslaved Ancestors and the Instruction coming from our Divine First Way Ancestors.

    It is the foolish Bling Afrikan Human Being that now give to you the profane3 action of Community development over the Action of Reparation, or the Patrotism to america over Repatriation to Afrika and complete submission to the action of the american human Being over Statehood in afrika for the Children of the Middle passage and only the Fools among us will try and sell to an intelligent Black Seeking Divine Being that the present condition and state of our present Diaspora Residence is best for our Children and Children to come.

    It is the well Satisfied Afrikan Human Being that choose the Human Being Religion over our Ancient divine Ancient first way Ancestors Theology.

    The Religious Minded Afrikan is a dangerious Afrikan against the black World Freedom and Independence and as long as the Afrikan Human Being continue to influence black people into the Santuary of confinement of Religion, the Black World hurry its own Death, both physically and Mentally and this include all religions, without exception because up until this point of the Black World Life, since our Fall, no Religion has come to become the Savior of the Black World, yet you maintain hold to the religious septure of Death to the Black World, yet I present to you an alternative to Death in the Ark of Reparation, Repatriation and Statehood in Afrika, so far, the Black World has chose Death, by clainging to a Religious institution that have only served you Pain and False Hope, having you to believe that a better Day is coming by and by but not in afrika but in the Human Being Make Believe Heaven.

    How Foolish and Mental disturbed The Black World has become today as we now claim to be the Human Being in the World Today.

    Wake Up Black Woman and Man and Get About The Action Of Saving Afrika and Your Black Mind, once Divine It Was!!!

    Here Is Loving You


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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