Chief Elder Osiris : A Message To The Black Woman

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    A Message To The Black Woman

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear you

    She is the darling of the universe, her presence is the symbol of life, be she in physical anthropomorphous form or in physical or nonphysical form of various matter or antimatter construction.

    The Wombgender is the Herbal reality of the Universe, the Herb that is equipped to heal all that is not in Divine Harmony in life, and she come clothed with the shade referred to as darkness, she on this planet earth is commonly identified to be the Black Woman, and for sake of this expose about the Wombgender, I will refer to her as the Black Woman, to whom this message is too.

    The Black Woman is the foundation upon which the Black nucleus family rest upon, she is the strength of Life and is the common denominator when the Black Woman and Man is to function as the duality of gender with a requirement to function and to be as one.

    You Black Woman, you have been forever and your Home is Infinity, and your resident is the Universe, you are the gravitational magnetic field responsible for equally distributing the divine energy within your circle of elliptical motion, you attract all that is of and from you, you are the Star of life, which all life revolve around, always seemingly to be seeking for you, yet never veering away from the path been assigned for all to revolve around you.

    Your presence represent Divinity and your action is of the Divine Essence, you once reign in the bosom of the Divine Energy Essence, before the day of your fall, and when that day came, you have not been your Divine self again.

    Yet, you still posses the potential to be the rescuer, the savior, to be able to be salvation to the Divine Black Family Nation, what happen to you the Black Woman Nation?

    Well, obviously something did happen to you to cause you not to be able and willing to function in your Divine capacity, and what happen to you , well it is that a conspiracy was enacted against you and you became the target of Lucifer, and he succeeded in gaining possession of your Divine mind, and as the Black woman goes, so does the Black man, and woe become to the Black family structure.

    You Black Woman, you have been unarmed, your weapon is your Divine mind and your Divine sensuality, and the spirit there from, causing you to be the protector of the Black family, because of the Divine relationship you had with the Black Man and the Divine respect he had for you, absent of Lucifer Profane ego, envy, and Jealousy.

    Hear me oh goddess of the Universe, you who bring the energy rays of life to all that involve Divinely with you, you came from the depth of the Universe, involved in an embrace with Space darkness, Motion, and time, all being of a oneness with the Divine Energy Essence, that which dwell forever and everlasting, graced with The Power of infinity, you Black woman, once the darling of the universe and now have lost your Divine identity, your spirit today serve as evidence of your fall from the pinnacle of Divine self Knowledge.

    Beloved, ignorance beget ignorance just as Divinity beget Divinity, and at once upon a time, your Rhythm, your vibration served as the compass that guided the Black Divine Being Family, not any more, you now are under the guidance of Lucifer profane mind and he knows as long as he can keep you distracted that his power of reign is secured.

    You have allowed yourself to be misused and abused, all because you no longer know the power that you posses and the strength you carry, all because You have allowed Lucifer to come in between you and your other half, he being the Black man.

    Lucifer succeeded in causing enmity to come between the Black Woman and Black Man, such is as you see, a recipe for the Black family disaster, it is an unnatural relationship, just as it would be if the Stars became at odds with the planets, one will not be able to function Dvinely without the other being in Divine harmony with each other action.

    So you Black woman, you can not be without your magnetic pull, and as long as you are, you will remain an enemy to the Black man, guided by the conspired action of Lucifer toward you, by he catering more to you than the Black man, causing you to look in disfavor toward the Black man, because of the way you seem to be able to excel in an environment designed to favor you over the Black man, and you are a Victim of such a conspiracy, beloved.

    You once guided Pharaohs, Kings, great Black Afrikan warriors, you were the pride of the Black man eye, now you have allowed such a Divine mind spirit to escape you, with you having lost all knowledge of who you once were to the Black family circle of life.

    You now have been made to act as a man, you no longer revere your Divine feminism, you cherish it not, all because you have been made to follow after Lucifer discipline of disrespect toward the gender opposites, no longer treating such a nature design with Divine respect.

    Are you not aware that Afrika and the Divided Black Nation will not be revived, not until you reclaim your place as Divine Guide in the Black Family structure with respect?

    I have shared with you about your need for a Divine Spiritual retreat, yet you hear me not, all because it is Lucifer that have your ear and your mind attention, all which is under the profane influence of Lucifer, he who conspire to keep you away from making an effort to become reacquainted with your Divine intuitive self.

    I send a message to you the black woman, because you it is that I can trust to be honest with yourself and with me, there is no reason for the Trinity of evil to come between us, that evil which is so prevalent within the Mind of the Black man toward each other, that trinity of evil being the vane Lucifer ego, envy, and jealousy.

    So to you, my strength, my life preserver, you must asume your place within the Black family structure and divorce your profane mind from all of Lucifer influence, be it Social, Economic, Political, Educational, and most of all, Religion.

    You are not the weakest amongst us members of the Black family, you are the Quantum Glue that hold the Black family together, yet have allowed Lucifer to use his conning ways to get you to soften such Divine infinite glue of a quantum nature, your Divine Mind.

    Enter the path that will lead us to our freedom, nothing more and nothing less, and it is reparation that has the power and strength as you have, that will lead us back to Afrika for the purpose of reclaiming the land and uniting the Black Afrikan Family Nation.

    It has been shared with us by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, A Divine Leader who allowed his Divine mind to guide him, he remind us that Afrika is for the Afrikan Divine Black Being, and the Black Family Nation must be reunited again, and you Black woman has the power to make such happen ,not the Black man who is drunk with vanity Ego, envy, and jealousy, refusing to do what is necessary to save the Black Afrkn family Nation, and Afrika the land.

    Be Kind To our self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    big ups on this truth here .......