Black Spirituality Religion : A message to all women, and namely the deconstructed Black Woman...

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    There are two (reproductive) God-heads to any man, and when "HE", "HIS" and/or "HIM" (for whatever the distracting reason) does not know how to properly use either, there is...a generational problem that has just and will continue to occur. As the Goddess in SHE and therefore...the child may fall victim to from the graces of Divinity in a likewise "state" of "mind". I ask, who said that true thinking is not a spiritual phenomena? For they ("educated") fool "living" within the anti-spiritual realms of a generational curse; and see nothing more to the idiocy that is desperately trying to enter through thy very center. Be ware of "the speaker" Divine woman when "the imbalance" is the truth of... As eye have met no suitor that can actually out-gab me (with true meaning), which is why they hate. And truly...themselves. All, the all within "the all" is no more...than a mirror that will be life-actually experienced again and again. Philosophize not about the truth, and see instead, as the foreseen is for the here and now... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.