Black Poetry : A Message To A Black Son The Revolution Will Not Be Televise

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    A Message To A Black Son
    The Revolution Will Not Be Televise

    Author Jacqueline Amos

    Blackman sons of the African American
    Queen shall not sit back and watch my
    mothers swing from the trees, it takes a
    village to raise a child I shall not be still
    and watch the lynching of black pride.
    I the sons of sons, the brother of Jesus,
    the mother Mary who have brought me cross,
    brothers of the Universe listen as my sister
    speak the laws of a jewel.

    Mother Africa, will not be tarnished
    By those who where the mask.
    Mother Universe you know has the floor,
    Speak your son's will listen as you
    Bring us across. We shall now humble.

    I carried you nine months,
    I fed you from the milk of my breast.
    There should be no confusion
    Who is the Nubian black queen?
    I taught you that man and women
    Must be equally yoke.
    Yet you live through the eyes
    Of the world, when I taught
    You that God is the ruler of all,
    You sit in council as
    You defame my name.
    So who the hell is the angry black
    Woman? You say in distress,
    I the eyes that you have seen,
    The shoulder that you lean,
    The bread and butter,
    When father was not there,
    The milk and honey of the world.

    My soul has
    boundaries, which no one shall cross. My eyes
    are flooded. And my heart is lost. I am trap
    I can't get cross. As I walk to the light I
    shall not fear. The love of you God. The pain
    of the world the soul that cried.
    Mama black berry baby, daughters of
    the universal tribe. I sing the songs.
    The black berry baby shall carry my name.

    I give you the treasures of thy soul;
    I give to you the children of the future.
    That my legacy shall not foul.
    I the ancestor of your history,
    will I ever see the dreams,
    of my legacy. Blackberry Africa that
    sings the liberation of thy seed.
    Oh the fruits of his Garden
    I sip of the waters of his tree,
    I return to the fruits
    it gives me great strength.
    Tears that fall upon my forest,
    Mountains that sings.
    Glory to thee. I rise, above the mountains,
    you wipe the tears away,

    Man who lives within a prison,
    which no one understands,
    Victim within self,
    victimize by his own mind,
    He pleads for escape,
    which the battle is within,

    I taught you well my son, nevertheless
    I wear the shield of woman,
    I was the mother and father,
    When I stood alone, loyalty is granted
    Nevertheless it was not the way you wanted.
    But yet I never a bandit you I walk step by step
    As the warrior that God ordained.

    Oh thy Glory to thy God, I have fallen short of my own
    Disregards, but I cry not for you my son.
    I cry for I who have been the backbone of the world
    When my sons have crossed over, and lynched me
    Through the corners of my mind.
    Oh what a bitter pill to swallow,
    When man turn his back
    On the creations of the heavenly father, I the creations,
    The life line of my father, yet you close all the
    Doors as you take the biblical cord and lynch me
    By the hands that I birth in the name of love.

    I felt the pain of labor, the deformation of swollen legs,
    The taste of life and death,
    The labor of love thinking only
    Of the inheritance that was
    Granted by God. The miracles which
    Became, my horror, the rebellious son,
    So who am I to cry nevertheless you kill me
    Through the corner of mind.

    Silence you may say, but my son you an are one,
    I woman warrior
    Shall never walk through the back door.
    Judge me not by the back door whore.
    I shall not judge you by the scum of the earth.
    I the mother of wisdom the barrier
    Of Kings and Queens.
    Shall always be the spoken words of deliverance,
    Theses words would only be understood by
    A Nubian king.​
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    deeply felt i river around this as it rumble da mind
    thankz for sharing a Revolutional black son
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    Very strong piece, I can hear your voice throughout!!
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    :wave: Hello My Dear Darling Sister Ashanta - Welcome Home! :wave:

    so good to be reading you again, to have your sweet Spirit back in the house ... please don't stay away so long ... come back to us often and remind us of the greatness that is within ... as you always do with your pen!

    Thank You Sister!!!!

    I miss you in voice chat ... please join us tonight ... ... and here are ... Instructions For Entering Voice Chat ... just in case you need them!



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    Blessings and thank you my sister destee I have been very busy, as you know they are the teachers and the field ministers. Sorry I have not been around my mission must be complete. I have finish my 3rd book published, I have 8 more two go. I have much to say to my brothers and sisters in hope that we all can come together as one.As you know sister warrior theres so much to be taught. But I have faith in you I will try to come. :grouphug: