Black Events : A Message from Tyler Perry - SINGING CONTEST

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    A Message from Tyler Perry - SINGING CONTEST
    Tyler Perry Mailing List <[email protected]> wrote:
    Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 12:38:23 -0500
    From: Tyler Perry Mailing List <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: A Message from Tyler Perry - SINGING CONTEST

    Hey everybody,

    BIG ANNOUNCMENT.... Okay, so everywhere I go people are always asking
    me, "Tyler, how can I get in one of your plays, your movies or even on
    House of Payne?"

    So here's what I've decided to do. You know that I love great singers
    and most of the people that I work with are singers. If you are a
    SINGER (SINGERS ONLY--no poetry, no rap--SINGERS ONLY) and you think
    that you have what it takes to be in one of my shows here is what you
    need to do.

    Please follow these instructions very carefully because we have set a
    system in place. So you have to follow them to the letter.

    1. Send a video of you singing one song.
    2. The song must be sung a cappella--no music, no tracks, no
    band--just your voice.
    3. Before you start to sing the song you must say your full name,
    phone number and age.
    4. You must be 18 years or older by May 18, 2007.
    5. The song that you sing has to be either from one of my plays or one
    of my movies (no exceptions).
    6. You are the only one that can be on the video.
    7. The video must be in either VHS tape format or DVD
    8. Mail the video via regular US Mail. No Fedex, No UPS, No registered mail.
    The mailing address to send the mail to is:

    541 10th St. PMB 122
    ATLANTA GA 30318

    Sorry your videos WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU.


    Also your image and video may be used on a live taping of one of my shows.

    The contest deadline is May 18, 2007 and we must have all videos in by
    then and they will not be accepted after that date.

    All of the best videos will be reviewed by me personally. The top ten
    will be invited to Atlanta for the final competition where all ten
    contestants will get a chance to compete. Everyone will also get a
    chance to vote online at in the upcoming weeks.

    This is going to be FUN!!! Okay, let me hear from you.

    By the way I DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE PAGE. The only way to get to me is
    on my message board at