Black People : A Message from the Ancestors*


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Nov 2, 2004
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What is self destruction and how does it work and for what reasons do any person, place or thing find it self taken over by this powerful force.

Self destruction is a force that is a useful part of the universal order to rid itself of any thing that has moved outside of its purpose or orbit in the natural universe.

In other words...when a person begins to "Think" un-natural thoughts and begins to practice regular "Bad" habits that become second nature...meaning his or her normal natural purpose is corrupted for what ever the reason...that person must be destroyed.

The forces or energies in nature starts this process of elimination to remove what ever it is from existance from the natural enviorment as a cleaning matter what it is.

Every thing in the universe is "Energy" and what we call matter is only energy slowed down in different degrees to form vapor, gas, liquid, solid etc. This includes all that we are...we are not exempt from any natural laws of nature that are the "Spirituality" of all things.

We have forgotten our original purpose under the watch and un-natural control of the thing that is in the mode of self destruction its self...called "White Supremacy"...hence the worse thing in the known universe is this system...that has spoil the whole planet with its corrupt and un-natural concepts of destruction.

The communication of energies cause anything that has become un-natural or perverted/ self destruct from the inside out...through the continuation to embrace the culture of death that is self remove it by setting it in line for "Extinction".

It does not matter who goes and who stays..."Life goes on with or with out any of us". Life is a matter of we must always choose wisely or suffer the self-destruction of our own perverted and converted actions or...mode of thinking by choosing the wrong path.

The path that we find ourselves on in Amerikkka is a path of self destruction as we foolishly with out knowing it have excepted the culture of death from our open enemies who know they are on their way out and will take as many of us with them as they can...why should they care other wise?

We (Blacks) are not a "Race"! We must be careful of the words we allow ourselves to use to define who we are. We don't have a birth record. The so-called white "Race" know that they are only 6,000+ years young but don't want you to know they can continue to trick you into thinking and excepting them as your brothers and sisters in some lord that they only made up.

The "Proof" is all around you...but when you ignore what you should be make yourself "Ignorant"...hence blind, deaf and dumb...sleep walking into your own self destruction following and thinking you are saved but in reality you are most certainly "Cursed" in deed. All "Religions" are self destruction!

What "Religion" is the universe, stars, planets, moons etc ? What "Religion" are the trees, mountains, oceans, fields of grass, animals, plants, birds, fish, insects etc ? Why have you come to think that you are something different from the "Spirituality" of every thing else in the "Creation"...who taught you this and ware did you get this from??

If you think that you are above anything else what ever because of your personal relationship with who ever your lord of choice is that they gave to you...then you are only embracing the culture of death and are on your way to extinction through your own choice and self destruction is your fate.

Self destruction is self imposed conversion from your natural Spirituality that all things are created...and you have lost your true purpose and will no longer exist...vary soon. We can not make up our own perverted rules and think we will survive...the universe has its own natural "Laws" that every thing in nature "Must" and does "Obey"...hence..."The Natural Order of Things".

Your purpose is to find your way back home to your natural purpose and absolutely away from every thing that is "Religion" ... that is only the "System of White Supremacy" made to look 'Holy' to you so that you will follow and worship its "False-Nature" and then Self Destruct on your own.........Know Your Self.........Do MA`AT and Live!


Note: You use to know these things... but now you have forgotten and "Think" only the "Converted / Perverted... and un-natural thoughts that your enemy has taught to matter what those thoughts are they will do you "No" good what so ever in this life or any other... no matter how devoted you are to them...they are only "Corruption" and will bring you to self-destruction and the extinction of yourself one way or the other. Why not recapture your forgotten "Spirituality"...that is the natural order of things...that has always been your only success........."This is a message from the Ancestors".


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